NC NOW Legislative Update #5, Bad Sex Ed Bill Filed – 4 Mar 19

NC NOW’s 5th Legislative Update, dated March 4, 2019, is available at NC NOW Legislative Update #5. The summary includes a bad sex education bill that was filed in the House, a good bill which contains the recommendations of the Commission on Human Trafficking, and a bill addressing paid parental leave for state employees.

A bad sex education bill has been filed. The bill, HB196, Parental Consent for Sex Education, would require parents to sign off for a student to take a class in reproductive health and safety education: The definition is sweeping and includes “a program that pertains to or is intended to impart information or promote discussion or understanding in regard to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, or the avoidance of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, or a reproductive health and safety education program.” If a parent inadvertently omits to submit a permission form, students could not receive this kind of information in school. Existing law allows opting out of these courses.

A good bill containing the recommendations of the Commission on Human Trafficking (HB198, Human Trafficking Commission Recommendations) has been filed. The bill includes prohibiting the sale or advertising of sex tourism services; defines damages a victim of trafficking may sue for and sets a statute of limitations ten years after the victim turns 18 if the trafficking occurred while the victim was a minor; allows convictions for certain offenses to be expunged (e.g., prostitution) from the victim’s record. Recommendations from study commissions are generally adopted with minimal changes.

On the subject of paid parental leave, SB130, State Employees/Paid Parental Leave, would allow a state employee to take paid parental leave if another state employee donates the leave time. It is hard to imagine anyone opposing this modest policy change, but there will be opposition.

See the whole legislative update at NC NOW Legislative Update #5, 4Mar19. The legislative updates are written by NC NOW’s Vice President of Legislation, Robin Davis.


One thought on “NC NOW Legislative Update #5, Bad Sex Ed Bill Filed – 4 Mar 19

  1. Why is the ERA missing from the legislative rpt?

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    “We hold woman to be justly entitled to all we claim for man. We go farther, and express our conviction that all political rights which it is expedient for man to exercise, it is equally so for women.” – Frederick Douglass, 1848

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