Domestic Gag Rule Subverts Title X, 3/12/19 Event Summary

The Trump administration finalized sweeping changes to Title X, the federal program that provides birth control and other reproductive health services to millions of low-income Americans on 2/22/19.  The new #DomesticGagRule was published in the Federal Register on 3/4/19. Lawsuits were filed the same day. 

Changes are scheduled to go into effect on 5/3/19.

NC NOW, Naral Pro-Choice NC, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic (PPSAT) and #Fight4Her spoke out against the #DomesticGagRule in front of Senator Thom Tillis’ office in Raleigh on 3/12/19. The event included music, including a new song, “No! No! No! You Don’t!” to the tune of Row Your Boat, from the Raging Grannies. “No! No! No! You Don’t! by Raging Grannies.

Group gathering before the event. Photo Credit: Michael Eisenberg

California filed the first lawsuit in district court that same day the new rule was filed, 3/4/19. By 3/6/19, 22 states sue over Trump administration changes to Title X family planning program, according to CNN. 

The CNN article also says, “Included in the revised regulations from the US Department of Health and Human Services is a prohibition on what health care providers who receive Title X funds can discuss with patients. Under current law, these funds may not be used to pay for abortions. But under the revisions, health care providers who receive Title X funds cannot talk about abortion with patients or offer referrals for the procedure.”

Representatives from the four organizations talked about damage that the domestic gag rule does to women, girls and health care providers who get funding from Title X, and one also talked about damage the global gag rule has done. Tara Romano, Executive Director of Naral Pro-Choice NC emceed the outdoor event.

Tara Romano speaking, Dani Hoffpauir near the street. Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler

Dani Hoffpauir of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic (PPSAT) said, “Patients deserve to get full and accurate information from their doctors. I think we can all agree on that. Period. Full Stop!” And “The government has no business telling doctors what they can and cannot talk about with their patients.”

Amanda Murray, with the #FightForHer campaign, has been working to stop the Trump Administration’s #GlobalGagRule, which is 16 times worse than previous Republican global gag rules. Murray said, “Gag Rules in general are designed to hurt women.” “Reagan’s and both Bushes’ global gag rules targetted family planning around the world.”  “Trump’s global gag rule expanded [the damage] to any global health care organization.” Not just to family planning organizations. Treatments for HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and more were impacted.


This domestic gag rule is a first attack like this on women in the US. “We have never seen innovative attacks like these on bedrock federal programs like Title IX and Title X,” said Gailya Paliga, president of NC NOW. Also, “the #domesticgagrule is designed to prop up faith-based, science denying “family planning centers” otherwise known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, CPCs.” “This gag rule is another step toward the religious right’s goal of repealing Roe v. Wade, the decision that gave women control over their own bodies.”

This was week #112 of the Tuesdays With Tillis rallies at Senator Tillis’ office, each week with a topic. Each week with music and chanting.



Tuesdays With Tillis super-regulars – a few of many! See our Handmaiden in the middle. Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler

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