Triad NOW International Women’s Day Luncheon a Big Success! 2019

Triad NOW International Women’s Day Luncheon was a big success! The event had 5 sponsors, and over 40 guests. The speaker from Kenya got a standing ovation, and attendees loved the food provided by 3 international caterers.

3 international caterers provided the food. Everyone LOVED the food! Photo Credit: Ana Tampanna

The Keynote Speaker was Purity Ruchugo from Kenya, who shared her life story and talked about the work that she does as a result of her experiences.

Purity Ruchugo. Photo Credit: Ana Tampanna

Ms. Ruchugo’s father’s life was spared during a moment of execution. After she moved to the U.S., she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for empowering women. She had example after example. It was inspirational…she talked about finding one’s center, and being well-rounded. When she had a day-care center, she cared for babies of women in homeless shelters as well as babies of young teenage mothers.

She is helping women and children in Kenya as well. She feeds 200 children daily (children orphaned by AIDS), helps mothers of disabled children find housing, and she is building an orphanage and school. She also sets women up with their own businesses and buys products from them. She has created a penpal program, and is taking 20 teenagers to Kenya to meet their penpals.

There was also an multi-media presentation about international women activists by Iris Cole. 

Photo Credit: Ana Tampanna
Photo Credit: Ana Tampanna


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