20th Annual SBA Event in Fayetteville Celebrates Police Chief

Fayetteville Police Chief Gina V. Hawkins was recognized by Fayetteville NOW for her leadership abilities during the organization’s Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration on Tuesday, 3/12/19.  Chief Hawkins is the first woman and first minority to serve in the permanent position of police chief for Fayetteville.  

Chief Hawkins is one of six woman police chiefs in North Carolina. She talked about herself and her life and what led her to this job and why. She said many times she was a little girl with a big mouth, and Fayetteville NOW VP, Roberta Waddle, quipped “perfect NOW woman!”

SBA Celebration Attendees, food and drinks to right Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Fayetteville Police  Chief Gina Hawkins at podium with Fayetteville NOW member Liz Testa Vasser behind. 

Gina Hawkins and Liz Testa Vasser. Photo Credit: Sharon Johnson
Program cover

Fayetteville NOW President Sharon Johnson led the program and introduced the honoree. Durham NOW President Esther Barkley came up with the idea for the SBA birthday celebrations 20 years ago, and she told the story. Liz Testa-Vasser presented an award to the honoree. President Gailya Paliga told the group about the #domesticgagrule.

Many previous Susan B Anthony award recipients attended. Here is FPD Chief Gina Hawkins, surrounded by past recipients (from left) John Somerindyke, Deanne Gerdes, Chief Hawkins, Judge Pat Timmons Goodson, and Dr. Sandra Carr-Johnson. 

Photo Credit: Jenn Alexander

The event had 23 sponsors listed, including couples as one sponsor, and over 50 attendees. 

This event was announced on 2/16/19 at “Fayetteville NOW’s 20th SBA Event Honors Police Chief Gina Hawkins, 3/12/19.”

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