NC NOW Legislative Update #12 – 22 April 2019

NC_NOW_Legislative_Update_#12.22Apr19.v2 includes the summary and listing of NC Senate and House bills. Written by Robin Davis, NC NOW Vice President of Political Action.

Veto of Junk Science Anti-Abortion Bill, Some Good Bills, and a Fair Ruling

The good news is that Governor Cooper has vetoed SB359, The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  The bill swept through the legislature last week at dizzying speed, and the Governor vetoed it almost as soon as it hit his desk.

 “Laws already protect newborn babies and this bill is an unnecessary interference between doctors and their patients,” the Democratic governor said in his veto message. “This needless legislation would criminalize doctors and other healthcare providers for a practice that simply does not exist.” 

It will be difficult for Republican supporters to over-ride the veto since an over-ride requires support of 60 percent of the legislators present and voting.  The Republicans lost their veto-proof majorities in both houses after the 2018 elections.  The bill did not pass with a 60 percent majority in either house.  For more information, see:

Fair Ruling

And there is more good news.  Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway ruled that the Rev. William Barber can no longer be banned from the legislative building.  He was banned in 2017 as a condition for his release after leading the Moral Monday protests.  The District Attorney’s office argued that the ban should be continued to prevent Rev. Barber from participating in the Teacher’s March and Rally scheduled for May 1.  For more details about the court ruling, see

Good Bills

No doesn’t mean no in North Carolina since continuing a sex act after being asked to stop is not a crime in this state—the only state in the country where this is true.  For the fourth time, Senator Jeff Jackson has filed a bill to change this terrible situation.  His bill, SB563, Right to Revoke Consent, has bipartisan support and chances for its passage look better than ever before.

Also overdue is legislation setting policies on how to handle sexual harassment cases that involve legislators and others who work in the General Assembly.  Past attempts to do so have not been successful.  This year the legislators have a chance to correct this situation by passing HB817, General Assembly Safe Workplace Policies.

See NC_NOW_Legislative_Update_#12.22Apr19.v2 for the full summary and a listing of NC Senate and House bills that NC NOW is tracking.


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