NC NOW Legislative Update #14 — Glorious Teacher’s March and Bill Veto Games – May 5, 2019

By Robin Davis, VP of Legislative Action

Skip to the full NC NOW Legislative Update_#14 (5 May 19).

The biggest event this week was the march and rally held by teachers and their supporters on May 1.  The march was in support of better funding for our schools, better pay for teachers and other school personnel, and expansion of Medicaid funding since children without adequate medical care cannot learn.  Marchers wore red for ed!  For a more detailed account, see:

Photo Credit: Kevin A Smith

The House passed its budget, which does not include funding for Medicaid expansion, and has sent it on to the Senate. 

It is unlikely that the budget will be amended to include funding to expand Medicaid since Republican leaders oppose including Medicaid expansion in the budget.  Instead they want a separate bill; however, none of the Republican bills for expansion have made any progress.  The big question is whether Governor Cooper will veto a budget that does not include a provision for what he has defined as a major objective for this legislative session.  For more details, see:

Photo Credit: Sheraton Hotel Social Media

The House seems to be playing a game with SB359/HB602: Born-Alive—Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto on 04/30/2019. The bill was placed on the House calendar for both 05/02/2019 and 05/03/2019—then withdrawn both times. The bill is presently on the House Calendar for 05/06/2019. A vote to override requires a two-thirds vote of members present and voting. It looks like the veto override vote is being placed on the House calendar only to be withdrawn over and over again to stymie protesters who may want to be in the gallery for the vote and to allow for a head count to make certain that votes needed for an override are present in the chamber before calling for a vote.
04/18/2019: VETOED
04/30/2019: VETO OVERRIDDEN (Senate)
05/03/2019: House Calendar for 05/06/2019

An important milestone will occur next week. The Crossover Deadline is Thursday, May 9. That means that with the following exceptions, a bill must have passed one house or the other to remain under consideration. The crossover deadline does not apply to:
(1) Redistricting bills for House, Senate, Congress, or local entities.
(2) Ratification of amendments to the Constitution of the United States.
(3) Adjournment resolutions.
(4) Bills introduced on the report of the House Committees on Appropriations, Finance, or Rules.
NOTE: Bills that are in a Rules Committee before the crossover deadline can be reported out of the Rules Committee and voted on at any time.

See the whole summary and listing of bills we are tracking at NC NOW Legislative Update_#14 (5 May 19).


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