#StopTheBans Sign Ideas – 2019 and always

Ideas from all over, including Women Organizing for Wilmington (WOW), who got their signs on facebook early. WOW did events supporting women’s rights on Monday, May 20 and Tuesday May 21. Join them any Monday at noon!

Photo Credit: Women Organizing for Wilmington

Not the Church and Not the State – Women must decide their fate.

No you can NOT take my rights. I am still using them.

You don’t own me. (equals symbol)

Control Yourself Not Me!

Wire hangers with we won’t go back, never again, etc

I demand a separation of church and state

Trust women

Hope in your Vote

I wish my uterus shot bullets so the government wouldn’t regulate it

Out of my uterus signs! Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Keep abortion safe and legal

My pussy is not your problem

We will not go back

Mine (with arrow going down like Leslie Jones)

Vote Baby Vote

It’s a Man’s World Unless Women Vote!

Keep your politics out of my uterus.

I demand a separation between vagina and state

I am the boss of my body

“Pro-life” is a dirty lie
If they succeed in their abortion bans


“Those without female reproductive organs must refrain from legislating female reproductive organs.” – Fallopians 1:1

Shout It Loud and Shout It Proud! MY BODY, MY CHOICE!

#StopTheBans rally in DC, another Fallopians quote! Photo Credit: Sandra Sholten

We’ll see you in court!



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