Easy action to help Expand Medicaid in NC (June 2019)

Easy action to help Expand Medicaid in NC. Expanding Medicaid would benefit EVERY SINGLE COUNTY, many many people, and many businesses too – the ripple effect of people doing better.

Did you miss the Medicaid Expansion Vigils across the state on 6/5/19? Or even if you went. Check out this fun activity from the Coalition for Health Action NC (of which NC NOW is part). Also it’s worth it to take the picture and share on social media. I turned the picture with one of my signs into my facebook profile picture.

 Do this and be part of something bigger :

“Make a sign telling your lawmaker why Health Care Can’t Wait. Snap a selfie holding your sign. Email it to healthactionnc@gmail.com to be included in a slideshow showcasing the actions across the state to push out on social media. Please include your location in the email.”

Sign ideas, may or may not call out Senator Berger and House Speaker Moore in them:
“Stop The Phony Excuses! Expand Medicaid NOW.” (could use stop sign for stop)
“Save hospitals! Expand Medicaid NOW.” (could use H/Hospital symbol)
“Berger/Moore – Your Politics Are Killing People! Expand Medicaid NOW!”
(those stick people with Xs for eyes? makes the point)
“Berger/Moore – Your Politics Are Closing Hospitals! Expand Medicaid NOW!” (hospital sign)
“Berger/Moore – Stop Pursuing Fake Problems and Fix Real Ones! Expand Medicaid NOW!”
#Health Care Can’t Wait – Expand Medicaid NOW!”
Stop playing games! Expand Medicaid for the good of the state (could show cards or dice for gaming reference)

Tags to use: #ExpandMedicaidNOW! #HealthCareCantWait
#CloseTheGapNC #ncga #ncpol

Great new articles on Medicaid Expansion:

WRAL “Editorial: Stop the phony excuses, expand Medicaid now,” 6/7/19, at https://www.wral.com/editorial-stop-the-phony-excuses-expand-medicaid-now/18436896/

Refusing to expand medicaid hurts North Carolinians in so many ways. Fix it @SenatorBerger and @timmoorenc #ExpandMedicaidNOW. #DoYourJob

WRAL “SARAH VERBIEST: Expanding Medicaid saves mothers’ and babies’ lives. Will we do it?” 6/7/19, at https://www.wral.com/sarah-verbiest-expanding-medicaid-is-key-to-saving-mothers-and-babies-lives-and-in-our-hands-will-we-use-it/18437179/

Shortlink: https://wp.me/p22b2e-275

Medicaid Expansion Vigil in Winston-Salem. Photo Credit: Ana Tampanna, President of Triad NOW

Updates on 7/2/19: read this Op-ed by Dr. Naveed Aziz, a physician in Spring Lake (near Fayetteville), who sees people suffer for lack of health care as part of her job and life. She shows how expanding Medicaid “will save lives, save money, and generate jobs throughout the state.” Find it in the Fayetteville Observer (6/29/19) at Naveed Aziz: He-tried-to-wait-until-age-65-and-medicare-but-did-not-make-it.

You may also be interested in this short video that ran in the New York Times – “I’m Republican. I Never Thought I’d Fight For Medicaid.Excellent video on need to expand Medicaid – and the benefit for everyone, regardless of party. Also the economic benefits for the state of NC (and many other states, including Wisconsin).

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