Media Advisory: Abortion Is Healthcare Event on 6/11/19



Raleigh, NC, 6/10/19 Abortion has been all over the news lately. Different types of abortion bans have become law recently in various states. In response, #stoptheban and other rallies popped up across North Carolina and the country in days. 

Meanwhile, Missouri is trying hard to shut down the last clinic in Missouri. In fact, just last week, in the midst of the fight between the state and the last clinic, Missouri just added a punitive regulation requiring women seeking a legal abortion in the state to undergo a mandatory, medically unnecessary, invasive pelvic examination. Rachel Maddow broke the story, and  characterizes this as state-sanctioned sexual assault.

“Women and allies are angry and appalled at all the abortion ban bills filed and some becoming laws around the country. They fall into categories, the bill templates pushed by anti-abortion organizations, many with no exceptions for rape and incest. You bet we’re not going to forget,” said Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women.

North Carolina is one of the few states to defeat a ban bill, but we have plenty of other problems and unmet needs.  We’ll talk about many related things at a rally on 6/11/19.

WHAT:  Abortion is Healthcare Rally
WHEN: Tuesday, Jun 11, at 11:30am-12:30pm
WHERE: In front of the Terry Sanford Federal Building, 310 New Bern Ave, Raleigh NC
WHO: Tuesdays With Tillis group, NC National Organization for Women (NOW), Naral Pro-Choice North Carolina, others

Now businesses are weighing in. More than 180 CEOs have signed a letter opposing laws and regulations that restrict women’s reproductive healthcare, including abortion.  Their letter ran as a full page ad in the New York Times on 6/10/19! The letter includes this sentiment: “Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence and economic stability of our employees and customers.’

Tara Romano, Executive Director of Naral Pro-Choice North Carolina said, “Three weeks ago, people all across North Carolina showed up to rally in support of abortion access in response to the rash of abortion bans across the south, demonstrating again that the majority of people in North Carolina support access to safe and legal abortion. Instead of pushing through inflammatory and unnecessary anti-abortion bills, leadership at the NCGA should prioritize closing the health care gap, protecting workers from discrimination on the job, and raising the minimum wage. ” 

Join us to learn about the latest on abortions in North Carolina and around the country, the impact of bans on access, what Congress is doing, Senator Tillis’ record on reproductive health care, and what Senator Tillis should do. 



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