NC NOW Legislative Update #19 – The Veto Is Sustained! – 10 Jun 2019

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #19—June 10, 2019

See NC_NOW_Legislative_Update #19 (10 Jun 19), with summary and bill listings. Summary follows.

VICTORY!  After many, many delays, the House voted to uphold Governor Cooper’s veto of SB359, Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  Republicans needed 72 votes to override the veto and fell five votes short.  It was mainly a party-line vote with only two Democrats, Rep. Charles Graham (D-Robeson) and Rep. Garland Pierce (D-Scotland), voting with the Republicans.

Photo Credit: Marci Curtis

The House gallery was packed.  This photo shows NC NOW President Gailya Paliga and Karen Ziegler with supporters of the Governor’s veto filling the second row and lining the wall.

The floor ‘debate’ was contentious.  At one point Speaker Moore claimed that the bill was not about abortion, something that must have surprised all the anti-choice advocates who were there to support it.  For a more detailed account, see

A conference committee to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the budget had been appointed.  Use this link to see the members of the committee:

More than 20 Medicaid Expansion vigils were planned around the state on Wednesday, June 5, 7-8pm, with co-sponsors including various NOW chapters.  The importance of expanding Medicaid cannot be overstated.  Without health care people die. See: planned vigils at

Click on NC NOW Legislative Update #1 (10 Jun 19), to see summary and bill listings. 


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