Evans: Great News From Charlotte for Patients and Businesses

Thank you Charlotte City Council for voting for quiet zones around churches, schools and medical facilities! It is long overdue!

Photo Credit: Melba Evans

[Anti-abortion] groups from outside of Charlotte, mainly Kannapolis and Concord area, bring hundreds to protest outside of A Women’s Clinic on Latrobe Drive.

There are two mental health facilities on this street as well as other businesses who have all complained. One facility is right across the street and is for overnight stay. One businessman said he cannot even talk on his phone in his office because the person on the other end hears the protests. [The anti-abortion protesters] have used amplified sound clocked at over 100 decibels. They walkie talkie each other and when someone sees the cops coming they cut it off and calm down.  Also, over 400 churches have issued noise complaints as there have been protests outside of churches, as well as other noise issues.

Collage of photos of women at Charlotte City Council Meeting on 6/25/19
Photo Credit: Melba Evans

Mayor Pro-Tem Julie Eiselt said at the meeting, “We’re not here to regulate religion, we’re not here to regulate morality. We are here to keep the peace in the city and to assure quality of life in a city that is growing very quickly.” 

Eiselt calculated that 61% of the speakers who spoke against the noise ordinance changes at the Charlotte City Council meeting do not live in Charlotte. More at Changes To Charlotte’s Noise Ordinance Pass 8-3,” 6/25/19, WFAE.org.

Evans added, “NOW Charlotte was well represented at the hearing for the new sound ordinance. Two members spoke in support of the ordinance.”

Charlotte NOW attended to show support for two items on the agenda – a new City of Charlotte noise ordinance that would help clinics, and a presentation of recommendations on how Charlotte can be more positively involved in immigrant communities.

NC NOW note: Charlotte NOW and Cindy Thomson have been heavily involved with clinic protection and escorting for a few decades!  Thomson brought videos of the harassment and speakers on the topic to NC NOW conferences years ago.

Shortlink: https://wp.me/p22b2e-28R

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