Stop The Terror, Close The Camps, 7/2/19

The treatment of immigrants and immigrant children is heartbreaking, and must be stopped. Children’s situations are reported in their own words, in  “Children Inside Texas Detention Centers Describe Squalid Conditions” by the RollingStone, on 6/27/19. One child after another states how bad conditions are inside Texas detention camps.

Trail of onesies because babies and children are taken from their families
Photo Credit: Stacie Borrello

Girl, age 17
“I was given a blanket and a mattress, but then, at 3 a.m., the guards took the blanket and mattress. My baby was left sleeping on the floor. In fact, almost every night, the guards wake us at 3 a.m. and take away our sleeping mattresses and blankets. They leave babies, even little babies of two or three months, sleeping on the cold floor. For me, because I am so pregnant, sleeping on the floor is very painful for my back and hips. I think the guards act this way to punish us.”

Girl, age 15
“I started taking care of [name redacted, age five] in the Ice Box after they separated her from her father. I did not know either of them before that. She was very upset. The workers did nothing to try to comfort her. I tried to comfort her and she has been with me ever since. [Redacted] sleeps on a mat with me on the concrete floor. We spend all day every day in that room. There are no activities, only crying.”

We had some great visuals last year at a “Save The Immigrant Children” Tuesdays With Tillis rally, 6/26/18. Onesies with sayings were hung on a clothesline for all to see (see picture).

Sample sayings on onesies: “Suffer the Children.”
“Where is mommy?” “Stop family separations.”
“I’m cold.” “I need my mommy and daddy.”

Now the situation is somehow even worse. If we make more onesies for the upcoming events they could say things like:  “No one is taking care of me. No one.”
“Feed me. I’m always hungry.”
“My baby is living in filth, and I myself am only a teenager.”
“My pregnant teenage mom is sleeping on a cold hard floor.”

Tuesday, July 2, 11:30am-12:30pm –Stop The Terror, Close The Campsprotest in Raleigh. This one is a protest of this administration’s plan to deport immigrants and of the rapidly expanding concentration camps at the Southern border. This is a campaign of terror and we will not allow our neighbors to be demeaned and hurt in this way. Please join us and help us mobilize to make this our loudest and largest Tuesday protest ever.

Friday, July 12, 7pm-9pm – protest in Durham to end human detention camps.  201 Corcoran Street. Part of the Lights for Liberty set of protests. Facebook event here.

Thank goodness the lawyers have access to the children and are taking action.

“On Wednesday [Jun 26, 2019], lawyers who represent the interests of children in U.S. immigration custody filed a temporary restraining order after dozens of children and at least two doctors reported unsafe and unhygienic conditions at four Texas Customs and Border Patrol facilities. The declarations, 60 total, were taken by volunteer attorneys during welfare visits at Texas Customs and Border Patrol facilities Ursula, Clint, Westlaco, and Santa Teresa last week and the week prior. The lawyers are entitled to monitor the conditions in which children are held under the terms of a 1997 settlement with the government known as the Flores agreement, which guarantees basic rights to children detained at the border.”

Also see “Opinion: The ‘Filthy and Uncomfortable Circumstances of Detained Migrant Children, NPR, 6/22/19.


What you can do
Go to protests like the two listed above.
Write your Congressman or Congresswoman, use this link to find him or her.
Write your US Senators – Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. See how to contact the Senators here.
Share outrage on social media and in letters to the editor.


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