Chants in Support of Immigrants and Closing Detention Camps

Some are classics, one is based on the title of one of our events, one we made up at a protest in Wilmington! Enjoy!

Whether you’re with hundreds of people – or on a street corner in Wilmington NC – these work!

#LightsForLibertyRaleigh event on 7/12/19 at Bicentennial Plaza, Raleigh. Photo Credit: Daniel Turbert

NOW joins WOW at 3rd and Princess in Wilmington on 7/8/19. Photo Credit: Women Organizing for Wilmington

Brick by brick, wall by wall,
   free them, free them, free them all

Stop the terror,
   close the camps!

Say it loud, say it clear,
   immigrants are welcome here! (And refugees, and children, and more)

Na na na na, na na na na, 
   hey, hey, hey, women vote          (Could be immigrants vote)

Mira, escucha,                              Look, listen
   estamos en la lucha!                   We are in the fight!

Tillis, escucha!
Estamos en la lucha!
(Tillis, listen, we are in the fight/struggle)

Aqui estamos!
Y no nos vamos!
(We are here, and we are not going away)

Y si nos echan,
Nos regresamos!
(If you kick us out, we’re coming back)


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