NC NOW Legislative Update #25 – Budget Impasse and Push for Gun Safety – 8/12/19

Summary includes a summary via gifs of the budget standoff and its negative consequences. Definitely worth a look! And what Democratic legislators are doing in response to the tragic shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. Be sure to read what one of the survivors of the shooting at UNCC said. You can go directly to the full legislative update, NC_NOW_Legislative_Update #25 (12Aug19), which includes the week’s summary and bill listings. Written by Robin Davis, NC NOW Vice President of Political Action and Lobbyist.

Still no vote on whether to override the governor’s veto of the budget and no progress to report on a stand-alone bill to expand Medicaid. Speaker Moore warns the stalemate could continue until October. This link contains a serious explanation of the budget standoff and its negative consequences along with some amusing gifs:

In the wake of the tragic shootings at El Paso and Dayton, Democratic legislators are circulating discharge petitions in an attempt to bring two gun reform bills that have been stuck in committee up for a vote. The bills are HB 86, Gun Violence Prevention Act, and HB 454, Allow ERPOs to Save Lives & Prevent Suicides. HB 454 is a “red flag” bill that would allow law enforcement officials to petition a judge to obtain an extreme risk protection order to restrict a person’s access to firearms if that person is shown to pose a risk to self or others.

HB 86 has several gun reform provisions, including requiring a 72-hour waiting period for the purchase of firearms, prohibiting the sale or possession of bump stocks, requiring safe storage of firearms, requiring reports for lost or stolen guns, and requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance.

Recall petitions require 61 signatures to succeed—or all Democrats plus 6 Republicans. So far no Republicans have signed either petition. The petition to recall HB 454 had 46 signatures; HB 86 had 42 signatures. Recall petitions are rarely successful. For more information see: “‘I’m willing to show you the scars.’ Shooting survivor wants debate on NC gun bills.” 8/6/19, News and Observer, at

A recall petition is also being circulated for HB 312, Hate Crimes Prevention Act. For more information, see:, “‘Past time to do something.’ NC lawmaker revives hate crimes prevention bill.” 8/8/19, News and Observer.

Contact your House members and encourage them to support the recall petitions for HB 454, HB 86, and HB 312 if they have not already done so. Also express your frustration at the budget impasse and hope that it will end soon. Find your House member here.

See the full legislative update, with summary and status of bills NC NOW is tracking at NC_NOW_Legislative_Update #25 (12Aug19). There was no update on 8/5/19 for the previous week.


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