Roewade: Taxpayer-funded propaganda

Lois Roewade from Pfafftown didn’t mince any words in her LTE, titled “Taxpayer-funded propaganda,” which ran in the 8/3/19 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. Find it at The Readers’ Forum: Saturday letters.

Taxpayer-funded Propoganda

Currently the N.C. legislature is at a budget stalemate over the issue of Medicaid expansion, which would provide affordable, quality health care to approximately 500,000 people. The cost? About $2.13 billion, 90% of which would be reimbursed by federal dollars and the rest paid by hospitals and health plans. (Source: NC state budget).

But there’s another way to help reduce the cost. Eliminate the $2.64 million budgeted for crisis pregnancy centers. Of this total, $1.2 million is directed to the Texas-based Human Coalition, a virulently anti-abortion, anti-contraception, social media-focused organization that blatantly promotes Christian theology all over its website, blog and printed materials.

Quote from Lois Roewade

Quote from Lois Roewade

More backstory: In 2017-18, the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, another heavily religious-based organization, subcontracted $300,000 to Human Coalition. This year, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services did not recommend increasing Human Coalition funding, citing late reports, incomplete reports and concern about lack of oversight. The organization also does not meet Better Business Bureau’s charity review standards.

Then there’s the Mountain Area Pregnancy Services, whose mission is to “be a Christ-centered outreach ministry partnering with churches.” It spent $50,000 of our taxpayer money on religious propaganda.

I’m outraged that my taxpayer dollars are supporting outright, out-front religious proselytizing organizations violating the separation of church/state doctrine. It’s even more infuriating that they are using this money and their religious beliefs to shame and intimidate women who may be considering a medical procedure that is safe and legal, and is their moral and ethical right to choose.

Lois Roewade


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