Ask Me About ERA! Four ERA Billboards Are Up! 2019

All four new ERA billboards are installed, and have the same great message – we have 4.2 million women living in North Carolina, but zero women have equal rights. NC NOW is proud to partner with the ERA-NC Alliance and AAUW of North Carolina on billboard advertising campaign to promote state-wide interest in and support of ERA. We want women and men to ask what is the ERA if they don’t know already, and we want all to help get NC to ratify it! 

The new billboard in the Greensboro area.
The new billboard in the Greensboro area. Photo Credit: AAUW-NC.

See this one in the Greensboro area, by the colliseum. We launched the publicity campaign and unveiling the billboard design with a press conference on August 22, at 2pm, at the Legislative Building in Raleigh. Presidents of all three organizations and some primary NC legislative sponsors spoke. Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. and Rep. Carla Cunningham have sponsored ERA bills in the Senate and House since 2015. Additional primary sponsors of the 2019 bills are Sens. Erica Smith and Terry Van Duyn and Reps. Susan Fisher, Evelyn Terry and Julie von Haefen.

The four billboards are in the Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro and Wilmington areas. Our goal with this campaign is to increase awareness and active support from more people in North Carolina. This support is essential to capture the attention of NC legislators.

The locations (from announcement with some edits)
Wilmington – 426 S. College Rd, just north of Randall Parkway 
Concord, HWY 29-601 @HARTMAN
Greensboro, Coliseum Blvd south of W. Gate City Blvd. 
Raleigh, I-40 0.4 mi west of the S. Saunders St. Exit

Only one more state is needed to meet the 38 states required for ratification of a new Constitutional Amendment. North Carolina has the opportunity to be the 38th – and final – state necessary to ratify ERA, guaranteeing equal rights for women and men under the U.S. Constitution. Please communicate with your NC legislators to help them understand ERA will protect essential liberties for men and women.

Note: We have 5.2 million women and girls in NC.  It was too long to fit on the billboard!










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