LTEs and Op-Eds on Taxpayer Money Paying for Anti-Abortion Work

There is another whole area of wrongness not getting much coverage – our taxpayer money going to fully anti-abortion and inappropriately religious clinics. The proposed state budget gives taxpayer money away to two main anti-abortion organizations, but also directly to many CPCs that are part of the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship (CPCF) anti-abortion organization.

Photo Credit: Melba Evans, Stop The Bans rally in Charlotte on 5/21/19

Lois Roewade from Pfafftown didn’t mince any words in her LTE, titled “Taxpayer-funded propaganda,” which ran in the 8/3/19 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. Find it at The Readers’ Forum: Saturday letters.

Here is a link to Tara Romano’s recent article on taxpayer money going for Crisis Pregnancy Clinics (anti-abortion clinics that generally push religious beliefs) – “Good money after bad: NC’s mushrooming appropriations to fake health clinics,” 8/5/19, NC Policy Watch.

Also Professor Gene Nichol’s article on how taxpayer money to CPCs violates separation of church and state – “Funding NC crisis pregnancy centers is government sponsored religion, 7/1/19, Charlotte Observer (and News &Observer).

Letter To Editor (LTE) calling out NC lawmakers for inappropriate use of taxpayer money in the state budget, by Audrey Muck, ran in the 7/13/19 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. Find “Anti-Abortion Lies” at The Readers’ Forum: Saturday letters.

NC NOW President Gailya Paliga wrote one showing exactly where the money is going – “Over $2.6 Million of 2019 State Budget to CPCs,” 7/25/19, NC NOW website. 

Offen: State Budget Money for CPCs Violates Separate of Church and State,” at Paul Offen submitted his LTE in August 2019, and it was posted on the NC NOW website in November 2019.

If you get one published or see any more published, please post as a comment so I can add to the post and share.

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