NC NOW Legislative Update #26 – 8/26/19

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update—August 26, 2019

Jump to the full summary and listing of bills NC NOW is tracking at NC NOW Legislative Update #26 (26Aug19).

Billboards Supporting the Equal Rights Amendment Unveiled in Press Conference

Senator Terry Van Duyn, Marena Groll, Gailya Paliga, Lori Bunton in in back with ERA sign, Senator Floyd McKissick, Jane Terwilliger, Rep. Julie von Haefen, Rep. Susan Fisher. Photo Credit: Senator Floyd McKissick

North Carolina NOW, in partnership with AAUW and the ERA-NC Alliance, held a press conference at the legislature on August 22 to launch our statewide campaign to raise awareness of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  Four billboards calling for the ratification of the ERA have been installed statewide. 

Presidents of all three organizations and some primary NC legislative sponsors spoke. Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. and Rep. Carla Cunningham have sponsored ERA bills in the Senate and House since 2015. Additional primary sponsors of the 2019 bills are Sens. Erica Smith and Terry Van Duyn and Reps. Susan Fisher, Evelyn Terry and Julie von Haefen.

Many North Carolinians are not aware that North Carolina has not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.  The billboards will increase awareness and build support for ratification in North Carolina.

The locations of the billboards are:

  • Wilmington:  426 S. College Rd, just north of Randall Parkway 
  • Concord:  HWY 29-601 @ Hartman Pl.
  • Greensboro:  Coliseum Blvd south of W. Gate City Blvd. 
  • Raleigh:  I-40, 0.4 mi west of the S. Saunders St. Exit
The new ERA billboard in the Greensboro area. Photo Credit: AAUW-NC

The legislature passed and the Governor vetoed HB370, Require Sheriff Cooperation with ICE.  North Carolina NOW supported the veto.

The state budget is still in limbo with the Republican leadership allowing it to sit in committee with no action in hopes that they can gather enough votes to overturn Governor Cooper’s veto. No end to this stalemate is in sight.

See the full summary and listing of bills NC NOW is tracking at NC NOW Legislative Update #26 (26Aug19).


3 thoughts on “NC NOW Legislative Update #26 – 8/26/19

  1. I am trying to reach the individual who might give a talk in Chapel HIll on the ERA to Carol Woods Retirement Community. Please advise who I should contact.

    Thanks, Betsy Brinson

    1. Hi Betsy,
      Someone from NC NOW could do that, or someone from ERA-NC Alliance. How much history do you want? How much current developments? We also have a 90 minutes view of what happens to women and girls in the US, called Equal Means Equal. Could show that and then discuss. There is also a 30 minutes summary documentary on what really happens to women and girls in the US – Legalize Equality – taken from Equal Means Equal film. We’re showing the short version in Chapel Hill next Friday, Nov 22, at about 6pm. If you want a preview.
      -Gailya Paliga, NC NOW

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