Voices From The Coverage Gap Event Opens People’s Eyes (2019)

Stories are powerful. Filmmaker Rebecca Cerese captured stories from people around the state who are caught in the health care coverage gap. She shared some stories on film and some she told. One of Rebecca’s storytellers came in person and her story of her daughter was heartbreaking.

Watching one of the stories Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Robin Jordan’s daughter lived and died in the coverage gap. And she had terrible things happen to her that threw her life off course, more than twice. She had always had issues and struggled to do things since young. Graduating high school was a miracle and a special joy for the family. She went to college, but had a catastropic event, and eventually returned home. Meanwhile, she couldn’t get treated for medical problems of depression and dependency.

Her mother talked about how hard they tried to get her help. And sometimes the police or doctors prevented this by trying to give her daughter a break.

She failed – after she was raped and holed up in her bedroom for months. More of that disastrous problem – and if she had seeked help she probably wouldn’t have gotten it is the reality. Her parents found out much later, her life was thrown offcourse when she was molested at 5.

Robin Jordan is willing to talk to anyone about this so no one else suffers as her daughter and family did.

Shortlink: https://wp.me/p22b2e-2fI

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