NC NOW Legislative Update #28—#IWillNotYield! – September 16, 2019

House votes to Override Budget Veto in Explosive Session

Rep. Darren Jackson, House Minority Leader, claims that Rep. David Lewis, second-ranking Republican leader, assured him after the session on Tuesday, September 10, that there would be no recorded votes during the 8:30 session the next day.  Rep. Lewis denies it.  Rep. Jackson told the Democrats that they did not need to be at the 8:30 session because there would be no votes.  But reporter Laura Leslie also texted Rep. Lewis to ask if there would be votes in the 8:30 session on September 11.  He texted her back that there would be no votes at 8:30.   Finally, to confirm that something was being  planned, a text message was sent to Republicans telling them to be present for the 8:30 session:

Here is a screen shot of the text exchange between Laura Leslie and Rep. Lewis:

Consequently, no press and very few Democratic legislators were present when there was a motion to consider overturning the Governor’s veto of the budget.  The motion sparked outrage among the Democrats expressed most strongly by Rep. Deb Butler of Wilmington.  Fortunately, Rep. John Aycock had the presence of mind to record what was happening on his phone.  This dirty trick received national media coverage, and this video from MSNBC which contains an excerpt from that phone video along with an interview of Rep. Deb Butler summarizes what happened and underlines that this episode is governance by deceit, an undemocratic process executed by a majority elected in illegally gerrymandered districts that are being redrawn by court order:

The vote to override the governor’s veto passed the House 55-9.  It now goes to the Senate where Republicans need to gain only one Democratic vote to override the veto.

Lawsuit Against Partisan Gerrymandering Won by Common Cause

Common Cause won its lawsuit concerning partisan gerrymandering and the state Supreme Court has ordered the legislature to draw new districts using non-partisan criteria.  The process for creating the districts is to be open and the districts are to be completed by Thursday, September 19.  Each side has accused the other of violating the court order.

See whole report including summary and bill tracking at NC NOW Legislative Update #28.16Sep19

No Legislative Update was generated for the week preceding 9/7/19.


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