NC NOW Legislative Update #29—Fireworks Over House Veto Override – Sept. 30, 2019

See whole report including summary and bill tracking at NC NOW Legislative Update #29.v1

The fireworks over the House vote to override the budget veto continue.  Rep. Darren Jackson has taken a lie detector test and challenged Speaker Moore to do the same.  At issue is whether Rep. Jackson was told that the session where the vote to override the budget veto was taken would be a no voting session.  Speaker Moore dismissed the challenge claiming that it was a publicity stunt.  See:

The new legislative district maps ordered by the court have been drawn and approved by both houses of the legislature.  Extreme gerrymandering has been eliminated, but the new maps still favor Republican candidates.  The next step is for the state Court of Appeals to determine if these new maps are acceptable.  If they are approved, they will be used in the 2020 elections.  If not, the court will have an outside expert redraw the maps.  For a detailed account of the court-ordered process, see:

Last June the U.S Supreme Court refused to rule against North Carolina’s gerrymandered congressional districts and sent the issue back to the state court.  After the victory in a state court over gerrymandering in our legislative districts, Democrats have filed a new lawsuit in state court targeting the gerrymandered congressional districts. Since our primary elections will be held in March, it is unlikely that there will be a decision in time to impact the 2020 elections if the suit is successful.  See:

There has been movement on Medicaid expansion.  The House has overridden Governor Cooper’s veto of a budget bill that does not include Medicaid expansion.  Republicans need only one Democratic vote to override the Governor’s veto in the Senate.  A Republican bill that expands Medicaid with significant restrictions (HB655) received a favorable report from the House Committee on Health.  The bill includes a work requirement and other restrictions Democrats do not accept.  The bill now rests in the Rules Committee, but could be scheduled for a House vote at any time.  For background and more details, see:

See whole report including summary and bill tracking at NC NOW Legislative Update #29.v1.

There was no NC NOW Legislative Update provided for 9/23/19.


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