2019 NC NOW State Conference Workshops

Two sets of workshops are planned at the NC NOW NOW State Conference on 11/9/19 in Uptown Charlotte – one set in the morning and one set in the afternoon. Read about them in this post. You can preregister for the conference and for the workshops here. Some workshops may need to be capped due to space and other considerations, so preregistering will secure your spot. 

Gender Equity Panel at Charlotte NOW meeting Photo Credit: Charlotte NOW

Saturday Morning Workshops: 9:40am-10:40am

  • Climate change hurts women
    As climate change prolongs and worsens droughts, increases flooding, and threatens our ability to grow food and access clean water, the greatest impacts are to women.  Climate change impacts not only our weather, but also our infrastructure, national security, and livelihood. 80% of climate refugees are women. Learn why this is and what can be done.
  • Work Smarter Not Harder! Using Googledocs to Organize
    Googledocs allows multiple people to collaborate efficiently on documents, calendars, meeting notes, agendas, planning files and more together.   
  • Tell me about NOW! NOW history and how NOW works
    National Organization for Women works differently than other feminist organizations as a grassroots organization. Find out how, and what we’ve been able to do.

Saturday Afternoon Workshops: 2:45pm-3:45pm 

  • Immigrant Women: Stories of Courage – Panel
    Immigrant women and an immigration lawyer share stories of how women can end up in terrible situations in the US and how they dealt with them. The immigration lawyer explains some of the legal aspects and can also answer questions regarding the immigration process at this time.
  • Lobbying 101
    Do you want your representatives in government to listen to you better? Do you have special needs or special knowledge they should consider or know?  Learn or review some basic skills for the citizen advocate. The “Do Your Job” theme must be reinforced with all levels of elected officials, especially Legislators (NC House and Senate), and Congress (US House and Senate).
  • Gender Equity and Equality in the Workplace – Panel
    The panel consists of women in law, government and business discussing the facets of breaking the glass ceiling and how stereo types and other harmful societal patriarchy norms hurt women. Also talking about strategies and how to deal with prejudices

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