Protests Make A Difference!

Get those marching shoes on! Long time study says protests make a difference! This 2018 Stanford study shows that both liberal and conservative protests have had a real impact on U.S. House elections, based on 30 years of data. 

“On average, a wave of liberal protesting in a congressional district can increase a Democratic candidate’s vote share by 2% and reduce a GOP candidate’s share by 6%. A wave of conservative protests, like those by the Tea Party in 2010, will on average reduce the Democratic vote share by 2% and increase the Republican share by 6%.”

Impeachment is topic at this Tuesdays With Tillis protest in Raleigh. Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler

“On top of that, big protests by progressives have spurred increases in the quality of Democrats who decide to challenge incumbents. (Conservative protests haven’t had the same impact motivating Republican challengers, however.) That seems to be what has happened in 2018, when record numbers of women both marched in the streets and decided to run as Democrats for Congress, but the pattern isn’t unique to this year.”

More at How Protests Can Swing Elections, 10/30/18, Stanford Business.

Protest Rape at Raleigh Women’s March

Protest rape and other injustices at the Raleigh Women’s March and hopefully at other women’s marches in January.

We’re doing the new Chilean anti-rape anthem at the Raleigh Women’s March on Sunday, Jan 26, 2020. Join us! You can get ready by learning the lyrics and dance steps at “Chiles Viral Feminist Flash Mob Is Spreading Around the World! This has been called the Chilean feminist anthem. Only 8% of rapists are convicted in Chile. The title of song is ‘a rapist in your way’.

There will be some teaching and rehearsal sessions as well. We may do it during the march or may be at the stage or may be all over. Still working it out. We do have people leading it for us. However we do it, it will be powerful and amazing!

I would love to see more women’s marches do this.

NOW Known For Protests

NC NOW takes part in and helps organize different types of rallies and protests including Kavanaugh protests, women’s marches, MLK marches, abortion ban protests. Raleigh NOW has been part of weekly Tuesdays With Tillis rallies which became more like protests of Senator Thom Tillis in Raleigh. January marks the 4th year of these consecutive weekly events. Join them any Tuesday at the Federal Building at 310 New Bern Ave in Raleigh.

Women Organizing for Wilmington do their own weekly protests in Wilmington on Mondays at noon.


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