Virginia Ratified ERA, NC Still Pushing in 2020

This has been such a long time coming! ERA is now ratified in 38 of 38 states needed for the 3 state strategy for passing ERA!! NC NOW and others will continue our fight in NC because we don’t want another 19th amendment – do you know that NC didn’t ratify the 19th Amendment-women’s right to vote-until 1971!! What an embarassment. We don’t want another ratification in NC like that one – waiting 50 years to do the right thing! Here is some recent history with ERA in NC.

Read more about Virginia’s ERA success in “Virginia Lawmakers Pass Equal rights Amendment In History Vote!,” 1/15/20, Washington Post.

ERA Vigil in front of Legislative Building, 5/15/13. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Pictured is NC NOW  in 2013, having an ERA Vigil in front of the Legislative Building in Raleigh. Among the speakers were Marena Groll, Gailya Paliga and I believe Roberta Waddle.  Marena Groll was advocating for Equal Rights Amendment, explaining why we need it. Gailya Paliga, president of NC NOW, talked about the massive ERA work that National had done over the decades, including task forces dedicated to ERA in the 1990s. Roberta Waddle, president of Fayetteville NOW and past national NOW board member, talked about ERA work she did in NC in the 1970s and 1980s.

Marena Groll speaking on ERA, 5/15/13, Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

ERA Conference in 2014

NC ERA Conference with keynote – 8/2/14 Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

NC ERA Conference – 8/2/14, Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

We met somewhere else for the ERA Conference in 2015. Senator Floyd McKissick and Rep. Carla Cunningham have been primary on the ERA bills that have been introduced for years. Both spoke at the conference.

Audrey Muck, Pat Sledge, Virginia Adamson at 2015 ERA Conference. Photo Credit: Senator Floyd McKissick

Rep. Carla Cunningham, Gailya Paliga, Libby and Marena Groll

In 2016, Marena Groll and Roberta Madden became co-presidents of a new ERA-NC Alliance, which pulled together many women’s organizations all working on ERA. The launch events were on 4/12/2016 in Winston-Salem. Roberta Madden is at the podium. Gailya Paliga and someone from ERA Coalition in Washington DC are shown reviewing their notes. NC NOW featured prominently in press conference and panel.

ERA Press Conference Begins. Photo Credit: Diana Grey

Audrey Muck’s first look at fabulous ERA celebration cake. Photo Credit: Judy Lotas

Audrey Muck Speaking. Photo Credit: Judy Lotas

With the ERA-NC Alliance dedicated to ERA, more events were planned.

Here is an ERA Cookie Drop event at the NC Legislative Building in Raleigh on 6/7/17 –

ERA Advocates with original NC NOW ERA Banner. Photo Credit: Marlene Rosol

Here are some of the ERA events by year in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

So many events in 2017 – including ERA Press Conference on 2/14/17, Another ERA Press Conference on 3/27/17, ERA Cookie Drop on 6/7/17 (pictured), and an ERA Retreat on 10/14/17. Also an ERA Conference on 10/6/17.

2018 – ERA Event on 6/27/18. A prominent Charlotte law firm offered to handle any legal questions for the ERA-NC Alliance. On 7/12/18, there was an ERA reception at the law firm in Charlotte. There was a big ERA meeting in Greensboro on 9/22/18. And ERA Roundtable meeting on 9/26/18. (Check with Marena)

2019 – We started 2019 with a “Make ERA History” event in Raleigh on 1/30/19. There was a whole day full of events at the Legislative Building in conjunction with the filing of the ERA bills on 3/5/19. We had hundreds of women at the NCGA that day.  There was an ERA Hearing on 4/29/19. ERA Conference in Durham on 10/2/19

More on ERA Bill Filing Day at Bunton: ERA Would Make Mama Happy, 3/5/19

Charlotte NOW President Melba Evans spoke on need to ratify the ERA at a Mecklenburg County meeting in March as well.  See her speech at “Evans: Ratifying the ERA Speech in Mecklenberg County

2019 is the year we did our first billboards. We kicked the billboards off with ERA Billboard Press Conference on 8/22/19.  Read more about the billboards, like where they were, at “Ask Me About ERA! Four ERA Billboards Are Up! 2019

ERA Press Conference Attendees in Press Room at NC Legislative Building, 8/22/19. Photo Credit: Senator Floyd McKissick

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