Pro-Choice Signature Ad Gets A New Look – 1/22/20

Did you see the new 2020 Pro-choice Signature Ad? We show support for keeping abortion safe and legal by running a pro-choice signature ad in Indy Week every year. Our 2020 ad was published on the actual Roe anniversary this year – Jan 22, 2020 is the 47th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision that gave women control over their own bodies. We’ve run a pro-choice signature ad in the Indy/Independent for decades – and we love this new look! 

NC NOW Sig Ad. 1.22.20 FancyNewStyle.weblg

The picture is from the stop the bans rally in Raleigh on 5/21/19. See more on that event and others around the state at #StopTheBans Event Summaries from Around NC – May 2019. To donate for the ad, go here. It’s too late to get your name in the 2020 ad, but you can start early for 2021.

The ad is in coffee shops and restaurants and stores all over the Triangle area this week. Be sure to grab one and check it out! But that’s not all. 

Every North Carolina legislator later receives a copy of this ad during the legislative session, proving that there is a large pro-choice contingent across the entire state of North Carolina.

You know you want your own representatives to see their own supporters names (including your name) when they look at the ad they will receive.

Email president at if you want to help with putting the signature ad packets together and/or with the delivery, which we do in person at the Legislative Building and the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh.  

Need motivation to help? Look at the U.S. Supreme Court with both Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. There has been “dramatic reshaping of the judicial branch.” In fact, “Trump has appointed judges at a breakneck speed. More are coming,” 1/6/20, NC Policy Watch.

See NC NOW’s 2018 letter here and the 2019 letter here.

The previous many pro-choice signature ads have looked like this:

2019 Pro-Choice Signature Ad
2017 Pro-Choice Signature Ad (actual printed ad)

We’re going to make some more beautiful pictures of our activism this year to use in next year’s ad! Let’s get to work!


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