NC2020: “She Changed the World” Exhibit Honoring 10 Women from Chapel Hill & Durham

“She Changed the World” is a collaborative project between the Chapel Hill and Durham chapters of the National Organization for Women (NOW). It is honoring 10 contemporary women from Durham and Chapel Hill, NC who have contributed to their communities through their service and activism.  

Chapel Hill and Durham NOW are having a reception to celebrate the opening of the exhibit on 2/29/20, at the Chapel Hill Public Library. See invitation below.

An introductory poster will explain the purpose of the exhibit. A final poster will list 12 ways that anyone can make a difference. Everyone experiencing the display will leave with a simple action plan.

Why now?

2020 is the centennial commemoration of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote. Remembering those who brought about this historic event is important.

The struggle for equal rights for women and justice for all continues. Numerous women continue to contribute in personal and public ways to a better future. We want to celebrate a select group of women. Each poster and story will inspire.

2020 is also an election year. Now is the perfect time to be reminded that one person can make a significant difference in the lives of others. An individual’s positive actions can have a ripple effect.

Chapel Hill NOW made a Go Fund Me campaign to help pay for the cost of this project. They would appreciate any amount that you would be able to donate. The link below should take you to the site. You could also search for the campaign by its title: She Changed the World. Please take a look. Please donate. Please share our link.

Shortlink to page:

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