Action: Contact US Senate To Reauthorize a Strong VAWA – 2020

Indigenous women are raped, beaten and murdered at astounding rates. Proposed changes to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) would help deter these crimes and punish perpetrators by increasing tribal jurisdiction to include sexual violence, sex trafficking, stalking, and child abuse.  We need to push our US Senators to reauthorize a strong VAWA like the one that passed in the US House over a year ago (4/4/19).

#VAWA is topic at Tuesdays With Tillis event on 4/9/19. Senator Tillis has an office at this Federal Building in Raleigh. Photo credit: Michael Eisenberg

There are other improvements incorporated in the House bill – and we want the Senate to pass similar. But the Senate is refusing to do this job. According to Newsweek on 2/14/20, “‘GRIM REAPER’ MITCH MCCONNELL ADMITS THERE ARE 395 HOUSE BILLS SITTING IN THE SENATE: ‘WE’RE NOT GOING TO PASS THOSE.

This should be bipartisan issue. Yet, a Republican woman senator from Iowa spent much of 2019 proposing a different VAWA bill which removed any gun control provisions from the Senate bill. She did this even though she is a survivor of domestic abuse and rape herself. By pandering to the gun lobby, and pulling Republicans to her bill, she blew the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019.  So ignore her bill and push the one that follows the changes in the House bill (see here for more info).

National Organizations are working to get VAWA passed – and we need your help! Please call your senators, especially if they are Republicans (as in NC), and ask them to support VAWA reauthorization bill, S. 2843, the “real” VAWA bill sponsored by Sen. Feinstein. They should oppose S. 2920, the NRA’s preferred bill, as it would seriously weaken VAWA programs, place survivors at risk and dilute funding to address core programs of aiding survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence and Stalking. 

Find the talking points you need in the following places:

NOW (National Organization for Women): ALERT: Contact Your Senators – VAWA must be Reauthorized  

National Task Force to End  Sexual & Domestic Violence – see VAWA Talking Points


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