Online #MMIWGP Rally Agenda – 4/25/20

Please join us for the online Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and People (MMIWGP) rally scheduled for 4/25/20, from 10am-1pm. Emcee Crystal Cavelier, Founder of MMIW NC Coalition and Co- Organizer of March has provided an agenda. NC NOW is one of the cosponsors, and NC NOW President Gailya Paliga is one of the speakers. The link to watch it livestream is Livestream of Online #MMIWGP Rally. The (past) facebook event is at  


10:00 am – Welcome
Crystal Cavalier, Founder of MMIW NC Coalition and Co- Organizer of March
Jason Crazy Bear (Choctaw Apache) and David Seleni (Houma)

10:05 am – Thank you to our sponsors 

10:10 am –Moment of silence 

10:15 am – In the news 

10:20 am – How severe is the problem? 

10:25 am – Blessing
JD Arch (Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation, North Carolina) 

10:30 am – Thanksgiving Address
Rahahe:tih David Webb  (Tuscarora / Meherrin, North Carolina) 

10:35 am – Words from Congresswoman Deb Holland 

10:40 am – Words from Congresswoman Sharice Davids 

10:45 am – Performance, Pura Fe (Tuscarora / Taino) 

10:50 am – Performance, Kevin Wesaquate (Piapot First Nation Treaty Four Territory, Cree / Sioux Reservation) 

10:55 am – Speaker, Jane Jacobs,  Sister of Katina Locklear (Tuscarora, North Carolina) 

11:00 am – Speaker, Dr Asa Revels (Lumbee, North Carolina) 

11:05 am – Jingle Dance, Mitchelene Francis BigMan (Apsaalooke Nation) 

11:10 am – Speaker, Gailya Paliga, President of NC NOW 

11:15 am – Speaker, Tantoo Cardinal (Metis / First Nations) 

11:20 am – Speaker, Chief Angel Covey Couch (United Algonquian Nations of Georgia Turtle Clan) 

11:25 am – Speaker, Sheila Price, Mother of Rhonda Jones (Lumbee, North Carolina) 

11:30 am – Speakers, Women Advance Co-Directors,
Nicki Faircloth Bani Mustafa (Tuscarora, North Carolina) and Antionette Kerr  

11:35 am –  Speaker, Rhiannon Giddens 

11:40 am – Speaker, Rolanda Hedgepeth — Sister of Faith Hedgepeth (Haliwa Saponi, North Carolina) 

11:45 am – Speaker, Aminah Ghaffar (Lumbee, North Carolina) 

11:50 am – Speaker, Ashley Lomboy (Waccamaw Siouan, North Carolina) 

11:55 am – Poet, Spirit Wolf  (Cherokee descent, North Carolina) 

12:00 pm – Youth Speaker, Laurel Emmanuel (Lumbee, North Carolina) 

12:05 pm – Speaker, A Kay Oxendine (Haliwa Saponi) 

12:10 pm – Flute Performer, Levi Rainwater (Cayuga descent) 

12:15 pm – Sponsor, Verizon Wireless 

12:20 pm – Smoke Dance Performer, Patrick Suarez (Meherrin, North Carolina) 

12:25 pm – Speaker, Alexa Sutton Lawrence

12:30 pm – Speakers, Lou Montelongo and Mary Crowe, Friends of Jackie Davis
(Both are Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation, North Carolina) 

12:35 pm – Performer, Alexis Reanna Jones (Lumbee, North Carolina)

12:40pm – Close, Crystal Cavalier, Organizer and Emcee


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