She Changed The World Chapel Hill/Durham Exhibit is Online!

Chapel Hill and Durham NOW chapters created a “She Changed the World!” exhibit to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the U.S. constitution. This exhibit honors 10 contemporary women from the Chapel Hill and Durham area who have changed the world through their service to their communities. 

“She Changed The World” exhibit Honorees and Organizers at opening reception on 2/29/20. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Each woman is honored on their own poster.  The posters premiered at an opening reception on 2/29/20 at the Chapel  Hill Library. The reception was graced by almost all of the women featured in the posters.  See photos and a summary of the reception at Ten Exceptional Local CH/Durham Women Honored by NOW (2/29/20). These posters are now available online.

The online exhibit includes the introduction, a slide show of all the posters, individual links to each poster so that viewers can read the commentary, and the final poster listing ways to “change the world” including ways to contact Chapel Hill NOW and Durham NOW.

The exhibit was supposed to stay at the Chapel Hill Library for a month and then was expected to travel around the Chapel Hill/Durham area month by month for the next year. However, the coronavirus pandemic closed all of libraries, schools, and many businesses.  The second destination was the Town Of Carrboro, and a Parks and Rec/Art Council volunteer made the exhibit available online. See the posters and  read about these 10 exceptional contemporary women at the Town Of Carrboro She Changed the World Virtual Art Exhibit.

We have many pioneers in our own communities. It is wonderful to take time to appreciate them.

Read about the reception here.

Learn about each one of these exceptional contemporary women in the Durham and Chapel Hill areas on her poster here.


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