Richards: Support Chapel Hill NOW’s Campaign for Compass Center 2020

Did you know that Orange County has no emergency housing for victims of domestic violence desperately needing a safe place?

To fill this critical need, Compass Center for Women and Families is embracing a proven strategy known as “scattered housing.” They will lease 3 – 6 apartments across Orange County to shelter domestic violence victims. 

These apartments need to be ready to welcome those fleeing a desperate situation. This is where each of us can contribute to a better future for victims and their families.

The Chapel Hill chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) is dedicated to ending violence against women and to supporting the needs of women and families. That is why we have established a gift registry at dedicated to supplying necessities for those sheltering at these apartments.

I know that you will respond as generously as you have in the past.  Find out more at Open “Safe Homes, New Lives” in the banner on their website or click on picture.

Directions for accessing the registry appear below. Thank you.

In sisterhood,

Gerrie Richards
President, Chapel Hill NOW

Thank you for choosing to support Chapel Hill NOW’s campaign for Compass Center in Chapel Hill. You can access the gift registry we have established at by following these directions:

  1. At open “Registry” in the menu.
  2. Open “Search for an organization” (You’ll find this below “search all registries.”)
  3. In the search box type: NOW Chapel Hill for Compass Center. 
  4. Open “View Registry.”
  5. 5. Choose your gift/s as you usually do.
  6. Proceed to checkout. ***When you begin the checkout process, deselect “My order includes a gift.”
  7. During the checkout process, choose to have your purchase sent to Virginia Carson. She or another member of Chapel Hill NOW will deliver all items to Compass Center in Chapel Hill.

Other points:

  • Purchases under $35. add a delivery charge. Those over $35. ship free!
  • If you just can’t make up your mind about what to purchase, Gift Cards are also available and will certainly be welcome.
  • Questions? Contact Chapel Hill NOW at

Thank you for supporting this important cause!


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