More About 2020 State Conference Workshops and Presenters


The conference will offer a choice of five workshops.   More about workshops and presenters here. Workshops include

  • “Microadvocacy: How to talk to Friends and Neighbors About Important Issues,” led by Vicky DeGroote, PoliticaNC Leadership
  • “Telling The Story: Helping Get Feminists Elected,” led by Tammy Brunner, a former NOW chapter president, former leadership trainer and recruiter at LEAD NC, and candidate for Raleigh Register of Deeds
  • “Everything You Wanted To Know About NOW,” led by Roberta Waddle and Cindy Thomson, NC NOW leaders 
  • “Intersectional Feminism Is Our Future,” led by Kolieka Seigle, president of California NOW
  • “Relational Organizing 101,” led by Sarah Moncelle, Feminist Majority  

Microadvocacy: How to talk to Friends and Neighbors About Important Issues

Micro-advocacy is critical in winning elections, and never so much as this year. It is through personal conversations with those we know, one voter at a time that can tip an election one way or another. During this run up to the November elections, we will discuss tips and techniques for doing it and then give you time to write your own pitch and get some feedback on it. We will wrap things up with creating a plan to use for the next days and weeks as we prepare for this critical election.

Vicky DeGroote
Vicky DeGroote, PoliticaNC Leadership

Telling The Story: Helping Get Feminists Elected

One way to help feminists get elected is for volunteers and staff to work on their messaging. Talking about a candidate and a campaign should focus on connecting you with the voter, not just the candidate. It should connect you with the movement. The goal of this workshop is to focus attendees on telling the story.

Tammy Brunner, Former NOW Chapter Leader, former leadership trainer and recruiter at LEAD NC

Everything You Wanted To Know About NOW

Do you have questions about NOW at the National level, the state level, the chapter?  How do they work together?  Does my chapter get any of my membership money?  What is the difference between NOW Political Action Committee (PAC) and NC NOW Political Action Committee (PAC)?  Bring your questions to this workshop where two veteran feminists will provide some answers to your questions.   They will also talk about NOW as an action oriented organization.

Intersectional Feminism Is Our Future

Learn why intersectional feminism is crucial to the future of feminism and the future of NOW.

Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term “intersectionality,” which she defined as “the theory of how different types of discrimination interact.” This has been applied to the feminist movement resulting in “intersectional feminism.” 

Intersectional feminism recognizes that black women, queer women, trans women, differently-abled women, indigenous women, refugee women, women of color, poor women or women who have a variety of these and other identities, experience oppression or discrimination differently from women who do not share those same identities.

Kolieka Seigle, President of CA NOW

Relational Organizing 101

“Relational Organizing” is the latest buzzy term for an age-old truism that grounds all organizing, both past and present: we are more likely to be persuaded by people with whom we share genuine personal relationships than by strangers. This workshop will introduce best practices for relational organizing and explain how to appropriately integrate them into advocacy and electoral campaign frameworks. Workshop participants will leave with a better understanding of relational organizing as a concept, and with real-world examples of how to successfully apply it to their work.


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