Program for Second Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel – 1/7/21 and Future Related Events

Find the program for the Second Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel – 1/7/21 at Military_MeToo_Reaches_Ft._Bragg_Program.v6 (updated organizer list on 1/10/20). Please download or save for your own use. Some actions you can take are listed below. Also a link to the Military’s video encouraging attendance at our event, which shows a shift in attitude.

Planned Follow up Events on Military #MeToo Reaches Fort Bragg:

  • Spring 2021:   New Protocols for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
  • Fall 2021:  New Protocols: Are they helping?
  • Winter 2021:   A Yearly Review of Military #MeToo at Fort Bragg

After the disappearance and murder of #VanessaGuillen, and the persistence of her family, and the social media outcry (#IAmVanessaGuillen) on similar injustice on sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military, the military is finally admitting fault and promising to address these military wide problems. We need to hold them accountable and can help them understand the problem at Fort Bragg. Please join us at our second Military #MeToo Reaches Ft Bragg Panel on Jan 7, 2021. It’s via zoom. Find out about it at our Facebook event:

Want to do more?

  • Become a Rape Crisis volunteer advocate. 16 hr. training on line through Fay.Tech. Comm. College starts Jan 30.
  • Become a NOW Court watcher, observing the courts, and advocating for victim’s rights.
  • Contact your state and federal reps.  Tell them that you support the military changes to follow the recommendations that came out of the Ft. Hood review.  Tell them to pass VAWA. Here are some ideas at
  • Contact your Police Chiefs, Sheriff, District Attorney, and NC Attorney General and ask they collect DNA on all convicted persons.  Rape kits are sitting, untested, and when they are tested, matches can be found in the CODIS system!
  • Join NOW.  We work on a variety of issues to include violence against women, reproductive rights, race relations, ERA, and economic equality. Join here!
  • The Military #MeToo movement needs our support.
  • BELIEVE victims. They have survived!

Update: 1/7/20 at 5pm. Colonel James Scott Rawlinson, COL USARMY FORSCOM (USA), emailed us that the Military posted the a personal video message from General Michael Garrett on our social media platforms to help promote participation. We are also posting his video.

It’s going up on Twitter and Instagram as well.


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