Articles on National Issues To Catch – ERA, #RealityWinner, #MilitaryMeToo, More – 2/27/21

Don’t want to lose access to these important articles on national issues which were posted on the NC NOW facebook page. Topics here include another big push on Military to address massive sexual assault disaster, what would ensure the ERA reaches its equality potential, how Biden Administration should move ahead with very high approval ratings on policies, how a Senator is holding up Biden’s cabinet nominees by applying a double standard, how Biden needs to free Reality Winner, and ICE targetting progressive sheriffs around the state with billboards.
1. #MilitaryMeToo Video Goes Viral – Military Must Fix This!
These problems are rampant in all branches of the Military. You have the assault. The rapist getting off. The victim struggling to survive. It is good timing for this video to go viral as the #VanessaGuillen tragedy and uproar needs a boost right now as Military is supposed to be addressing it. #militarymetoo#IAmVanessaGuillen

NC NOW chapters are doing work pushing Military to address problems at bases in NC.
“A Viral Video Adds Urgency to Military Sexual Assault, Harassment,” 2/23/21, at

2. Biden Administration Riding Wave Of Big Support, Must Take Advantage!

The Biden administration has public support for their policies. Some policies have 70% approval and bipartisan support. Let’s go with that! Don’t let Minority Senate Leader McConnell play any more games with peoples’ lives.
“Going forward, Mr. Biden should think, and talk, about bipartisanship as it relates to the American public — not whether a few tribal warriors in Congress can be coaxed into crossing party lines. His team has explicitly nodded in this direction now and again. “Even with narrow majorities in Congress, he has the opportunity to build broad bipartisan support for his program — not necessarily in Congress but with the American people,” his adviser Anita Dunn told CNN in January, regarding Covid relief.”
“This should be the standard party line. If, say, 70 percent of the electorate supports a policy, including a majority of Republicans, it is bipartisan — regardless of what McConnell and Co. think of it. By hammering home this more expansive definition, Mr. Biden can start nudging people — maybe even lawmakers — to think more in terms of a policy’s widespread appeal than about what the loudest voices on either side are demanding.”
“This would be a step toward making government work better for everyone. Except maybe Mr. McConnell.”
“Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Get to Define ‘Bipartisan’,” 2/25/21, at 

3. Double standard for Tanden nomination tests Manchin’s integrity

“Neera Tanden’s nomination is hanging by a thread because of the absolutely outrageous and overt double standard to which she is being subjected.” – Rachel Maddow/MSNBC

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted yes on Brett #Kavanaugh but is voting no on Neera Tanden.
“Double standard for Tanden nomination tests Manchin’s integrity,” 2/23/21,
4. The ERA: The Amendment is Just the Beginning
Thanks to Ms. Magazine for clarifying the need for this important step. Many people have been wondering how things will become more equal after ERA is finally made law.
“It’s been 100 years since the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first introduced as the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution, but recently renewed interest has caused it to inch much closer to ratification. Why? One reason is that policymakers are becoming more aware that by adding specific protections against sex discrimination to the Constitution, it would prohibit the current and future Supreme Court from interpreting the Constitution in a way that weakens or eliminates constitutional sex equality protections. “
“To help ensure that it does, a new project bringing cutting-edge research, strategy and legal resources to the fight for gender-based equality was instituted at Columbia Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law (CGSL) just last month. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Project, a law and policy think tank which will develop rigorous academic research, policy papers, expert guidance, and strategic leadership to support the ERA to the U.S. Constitution, along with the broader project of advancing gender-based justice, is the brainchild of former ERA Coalition board members Marcy Syms, Wade Leak and Liz Young.”
“The ERA: The Amendment is Just the Beginning,” 2/24/21,
5. The Biden Administration Needs To Free Reality Winner!
#RealityWinner is still in prison in Texas, and told her family about unacceptable conditions there during the big freeze in February during which the power grid failed across the state, paralyzed by subfreezing temperatures (and exacerbated by rampant deregulation of industry).
Winner shouldn’t even be there. Former President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey made an unfair example of her – for exposing actual treason. 
“AS MILLIONS OF people across Texas suffered from power and water outages during extreme cold from a winter storm this week, women at the federal prison in Fort Worth where National Security Agency whistleblower Reality Winner is imprisoned faced alarming conditions. The detained women were forced to literally take matters into their own hands — in a disgusting way.”
“Winner, who blew the whistle on threats to election security, is currently serving the longest prison sentence of its kind under the Espionage Act, a World War I-era law used in recent years to send journalists’ sources to prison, even as comparable defendants have simply gotten probation for “mishandling classified information.””


6. “NC billboards appear showing released ICE suspects; sheriff disagrees about message” – November 2020 in Charlotte Area.
Started in the Charlotte area – spreading around the state – ICE is paying for billboards showing immigrants as dangerous people and pressuring good sheriffs. Here is from November 2020. 
“NC billboards appear showing released ICE suspects; sheriff disagrees about message,” 11/10/20, CBS-17,
7.  The ICE/Sheriff Billboards spread to Asheville in December 2020
In December 2020, ICE expanded billboards targetting progressive sheriffs and putting immigrants in danger in the Asheville area.
“ICE launches billboards in Asheville featuring at-large public safety threats,” 12/22/20,

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