Statement On Anti -Asian American Violence

Chapel Hill National Organization for Women
March 18, 2021

To our Asian American Sisters and all Asian American Communities:

We extend our hands and our hearts to our Asian American sisters in their grief stemming from the murders in Atlanta. There is never a reason or an explanation sufficient to justify this violence against women or violence directed toward a group in American society.

We have watched with you as the rhetoric blaming China for the Covid-19 virus has given permission for acts of hate, discrimination and physical assault on Asian Americans. The murders in Atlanta are the culmination of many slanders and slights, lesser acts of violence and naked aggression in words and deeds. This has to stop! We call upon all levels of law enforcement and political leadership to condemn acts of violence against Asian Americans and to investigate each act of aggression as a hate crime towards ethnic groups.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased acts of violence against women across all spectra of American society and across the world. The tensions, anger and frustration have found their targets in those considered weaker and less able to defend their bodies, their livelihoods and their positions in the community. Chapel Hill NOW calls on women in the United States and across the globe to stand together against this violence, to protect each other and to lift up any community particularly singled out for retribution.

In sisterhood,
Chapel Hill NOW


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