Great news! Irwin Detention Center in GA To Be Closed, Investigations ‘Reactivated’

Great news on the Irwin Detention Center from the Georgia NOW President, Triana Arnold James. Georgia NOW had been fighting the alleged sterilizations and other terrible conditions at the Irwin Detention Center in Georgia since last September when a whistleblower exposed conditions there. Nurse Dawn Wooten became a whistleblower last September when she exposed that a doctor waas sterilizing many many women without their consent at this detention center, ‘shoddy Covid care’ as well as the shredding of medical records at Irwin. In addition, The Daily Beast had reported last fall that the doctor who ordered and performed the hysterectomies, Dr. Mahendrakumar Amin, is not even a board-certified OB-GYN. How dare ICE use someone like that. Raleigh NOW was also very interested in this situation, and a member had written to the Georgia state medical board on the terrible doctor. Investigations were reopened on detention center and on this doctor. Action to take to help detained immigrants.


Triana Arnold James Protesting Conditions at Irwin Detention Center, 9/2020,
Photo Credit: Triana Arnold James

James and Georgia NOW member N’selaa Ward spoke out at a protest at Irwin and James flew to DC to discuss the situation with Congressional representatives last fall.

Good new on May 20 is that the Biden administration is closing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers in Georgia and Massachusetts because of allegations of abusive treatment of immigrants. Rachel Maddow also reported on the situation on May 20, saying investigations have been ‘reactivated’ into the Irwin facility and terrible doctor. This means the investigations had been deactivated, and the Biden Administration is addressing this wrong. 

Take this action telling the White House to release the prisoners at the Irwin and Bristol County detention centers being shut down.

Action Script release immigrants.websm

Note: When you call The White House at 202-456-1111, it will ask you to type in 2 more digits. You can email the White House at Looking for relevant email to let you write ICE, is not helpful.


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