North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #18 – 31 May 2021

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #18 – 31 May 2021

With the notable exception of the action on House Bill 453, this was another slow week at the legislature.  There have been very few committee meetings or floor votes for two weeks since the crossover deadline of May 13. A state budget impasse continues. 

Be sure to take action on HB453 which is moving in the NC Senate.

ACTION ALERT:  House Bill 453, Human Life Act Non-Discrimination/No Eugenics is moving.  It is on the agenda of the Senate Committee for Health Care for Wednesday, June 2.  The Committee meeting begins at 10:00 am.  If the bill passes this committee (expected), it will go the full Senate for a vote.  If the bill passes the Senate (expected) it will go to the governor for his signature. For more information, see:

TAKE  ACTION:  Contact your State Senator immediately to oppose House Bill 453.  Be prepared to contact the governor to ask him to veto House Bill 453. Use information in this post.

State Budget Impasse Continues

The budget impasse continues.  This year the Senate is supposed to begin the process by sending a budget over to the House, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Instead the Senate has put its proposed tax-cut package into a stand-alone bill.  The estimated budget surplus is approximately five billion dollars. The Senate proposal would cut that estimate in half through tax cuts and putting an additional 1.4 billion dollars into the rainy day fund, a move that would pressure the House to reduce its budget bottom line.

Frustrated by the delay, the House has decided to begin to hold budget hearings on its own next week, something that normally does not begin until after the Senate has sent over its comprehensive budget.  In fact, a spokesperson for Speaker Moore has announced that the House intends to pass a comprehensive two-year budget of its own whether or not the Senate gets its act together.  Senate leader Phil Berger has warned that if the House and Senate cannot agree on a bottom-line number for a comprehensive budget by July 1 that the Senate may go the route of passing mini-budget bills to meet specific needs instead of passing a comprehensive budget. 

The House and Senate are still far apart on a proposed bottom line total amount for a budget, and each appears to have a different plan for dealing with that reality.  We may be facing another session that fails to pass a budget.  For more details see:

See whole report at North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #18 – 31 May 2021


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