Watch Military #MeToo Panel #3 Here (DV Struggles in Military)

NC NOW chapters are concerned about the level of domestic violence occurring in military families and on military bases. Fayetteville NOW, Raleigh NOW, and NC NOW organized a panel on Domestic Violence (DV) Struggles in the Military, focusing on issues at Fort Bragg and other military installations, with a special interest in the plight of military spouses. We bring attention to the struggles faced by the spouses and their children along with identifying what services are offered to them or denied them. This post includes the link to watch the panel.

Teresa Currey speaking with other Panelists and speakers from Military MeToo Panel #3.
Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Topic: Domestic Violence Struggles in the Military 
Event was held May 26, 2021 at 10:30 AM via Zoom.

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: Z!R!p2U&

The program was split into two parts – Domestic_Violence_in_Military_Program.PC.Final which includes the event agenda, speaker biographies, and some information and Domestic Violence Military Resources, including more information on the Lautenberg Amendment and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Fayetteville NOW President Pam Carver did the welcome and introduced the panelists.


  • Teresa Currey, Victim Advocate for the Fayetteville Police Department
  • Jamie Gesslein, Victim Advocate for the Hope Mills Police Department Cynthya Hale, Founder & CEO of FFT Helping Others
  • Angielina Villfane-Wilson, LMSW, CA, Victim Advocate Coordinator for the Army Community Service on Fort Bragg
  • Roberta Waddle, Fayetteville NOW & NC NOW Treasurer, activist & advocate
  • Amy White, Program Director for the Care Center Family Violence Program with the Cumberland County Department of Social Services

These panelists shared stories of clients and friends. In many cases, victims and their advocates believe it is unsafe for victims to share their own stories. Fayetteville NOW’s Vice President, Carrol Olinger, moderated the victim stories portion. Roberta Waddle began with story of why Fayetteville NOW every year continues to honor the memory of a military mom who had been murdered in 1974.  Teresa Currey talked about cases she sees at the Fayetteville Police Department, and some denials of offered help on military bases. Cynthya Hale told her harrowing story barely surviving as a military spouse. She also talked about how the  Lautenberg Amendment should be used more by the military. Angielina Wilson talked about her military clients, many of whom share similar experiences. Amy White shared stories about cases and affects of DV on families in her shelter. Jamie Gesslein reflected on cases that the panelists here worked on together, and how having working together was helpful. Roberta finished by telling story of a former student of her husband that her family took in – “DaNell” was murdered by her military husband. Waddle also talked about what happened to DaNell’s children and how it affected Waddle’s own family’s life. VA Congressional Candidate, Kimberly Lowe, joined us as well.

Next, NC NOW President Gailya Paliga directed questions to the panelists. Then  questions were taken from the audience via chat. Raleigh NOW’s acting Administrative Officer, Margie Maddox, did the closing, referring to some upcoming events and resources that were available in the program.


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