Make Women’s Equality Day 2021 Count – ERA Rally in Raleigh on Aug 26!

ERA-NC Alliance and lead organizations like NC NOW have organized an exciting and fun ERA rally emphasizing the INequalities that women still face and how ERA could address them. We are calling this a Women’s INequality Event, since the day is dedicated to remembering when some women, not all women, got the right to vote over 100 years ago. What about other legal protection! We want and need more! Our focus will be on inequality and need for ERA.

Wear ERA Green and/or white. You can order NOW ERA t-shirts here. We can mail to you or you can pick yours up at the event. Bring ERA signs and/or signs on inequalities women face.

Who: Women and allies from around our state
What: Women’s INEquality Day Rally for ERA
When: Thursday, August 26, 10am-noon
Where: Legislative Building in Raleigh, 16 W. Jones St.

This event is being organized under the banner of the ERA-NC Alliance, which is working with lead organizations including the League of Women Voters, AAUW NC, NC NOW, Women NC and more to plan the event. We also have support from many of the legislators who have sponsored the ERA in the General Assembly. Leaders from the ERA NC Alliance, key women’s organizations and political leaders are speaking at the event.

To learn more about the ERA, watch Kamala Lopez’ documentary, Equal Means Equal. Trigger warning, this documentary is an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today. See the original trailer here.

Masks are required and full vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all who can do them.

Make Women’s Equality Day count wherever you are! National NOW is cosponsoring a rally at the Supreme Court in Washington DC at noon on Aug 26.

To help more – write Letters to the Editor to bring attention to problem and to the event. Share the event with friends and family. You can help even if you don’t want to be out in public with Covid making another round.

ERA sign ideas:
Equal Means Equal
ERA: Women waiting since 1923
Equal Rights NOW!
Put Women In The Constitution NOW!
All People Are Created Equal!
<Your Organization> Supports The Equal Rights Amendment!
Equality Is A Human Right
Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-ERA
NC Women Breaking Barriers!
ERA NOW! Don’t Make Me Say It Again!
ERA! Equality should be the American Way!
Trust Women!
Support The Equal Rights Amendment!
ERA NOW! Reclaiming Our Time!
Men Of Quality Are Not Threatened By Women For Equality!

More ERA signs here.


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