North Carolina NOW Legislative Actions – 23 August 2021

North Carolina NOW Legislative Actions – 23 August 2021

Actions to take. Write your representatives and/or write a letter to the editor (LTE) on any or all of the following issues.
1) upholding Governor Cooper’s veto of anti-abortion reason ban bill HB453
2) get CPCs out of state budget
3) tell your representatives state budget needs to expand Medicaid
4) write about inappropriateness of power grabs in state budget

  1. Action: Tell your representatives to uphold Governor Cooper’s veto of anti-abortion bill HB453.

See “The Governor Was Right To Veto Dangerous NC Anti-Abortion Bill
The N.C. legislature is expected to call up a vote on whether to override or uphold Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of House Bill 453. This bill is what is commonly known as a “reason” ban, which means it forces pregnant women to defend and explain why they want an abortion .

So write your representatives to uphold the veto if you haven’t already. Go ahead and write your representatives in the NC House and the NC Senate.

Write a letter to the editor on this if you can.

2. Letter to editor coverage of the millions of dollars of taxpayer money that both Senate and House budgets are allocating for crisis pregnancy centers is beginning.

The amount of money allocated for these fake clinics keeps going up. For the 2021/2022 budget, the Senate proposed $4 million to CPCs, and the House proposed $9 million! Absolutely no taxpayer money should go to them. Professor Gene Nichol wrote “Funding NC crisis pregnancy centers is government sponsored religion” in 2019, see

Members should write LTEs and their representatives. Find who represents you in NC here.

3. Expanding Medicaid would be a win/win/win for North Carolinians, bringing health care, health care jobs, tons of money to every county across the state. Use this NC Justice Center action to write your representatives.

Feel free to write LTEs on need to expand Medicaid.

Incentives for states to expand Medicaid are event greater in 2021, thanks to the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan. See how in “The federal pandemic relief bill contains a big carrot to expand Medicaid. Will North Carolina bite?,” 3/18/21, North Carolina Health News. Other red states are expanding, but North Carolina hurtfully refuses. See Red state Medicaid expansion momentum continues to grow, 7/26/21, NC Policy Watch.

NC Budget and Tax Center has an action to write your US Senators and Congressperson to expand Medicaid for the holdout states like NC! Take action at Tell Congress We Need a Federal Fix to Expand Medicaid NOW!

4. Write about power grabs incorporated into state budget. Just think how many more people would have died if McCrory had been governor instead of Roy Cooper.

As captured in our Legislative Update from 8/16/21, “In addition to appropriating funds, the budget also contains major policy changes.  Prominent among them are measures to restrict the power of the Attorney General to flle certain lawsuits and to restrict the governor’s emergency powers. “

Members should write LTEs and their representatives. Find who represents you in NC here.


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