Richards: Funding for CPCs should be removed from the budget

Why do the proposed state House and Senate budgets contain millions for crisis pregnancy centers?

CPCs don’t act in the interest of the majority of N.C. women. They are private, often religious based, organizations whose goal is to undermine a woman’s reproductive rights. They are not staffed by medical professionals. They use scare tactics to dissuade women from exercising their right to choose to end a pregnancy.

Photo credit: Gailya Paliga

They appear to be community organizations, but are often part of a national network that is profiting from use of state taxpayer dollars. All funding for CPCs should be removed from the proposed budget.

If N.C. lawmakers want to help women and families, they should fully support expansion of Medicaid and make it possible for all women to access the full range of options for reproductive health through telemedicine.

-Geraldine Richards
Chapel Hill

Geraldine Richards is president of Chapel Hill NOW. Her LTE was published in the News & Observer on Friday, 8/27/21. Find set of LTEs at

See Pregnancy Centers, by Geraldine Richards, published in 8/27/21 News and Observer. It’s the penultimate LTE.


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