De Pas: Legislature Full Of Hypocrisy With Abortion Ban Bill

Rebecca Todd Peters’ (Elon University) opinion (August 4-5, 2021), The Governor was right to veto a dangerous abortion bill”, about HB 453, points out that “Reason bans are the most recent strategy to curtail access to abortion across the country. The U.S. conversation about abortion has historically been shaped by a justification framework, meaning that women are expected to offer ‘justifiable’ reasons to end their pregnancies.” 

Why should a woman have to explain her reasons publicly? Whose business is it besides her own? The same people who fuss about public safety requirements being “against their rights” are hypocritical in their opposition to women having their own rights to privacy and doctor-patient privilege. Anti-abortionists stigmatize women for their timing of or desire for parenthood, including forcing women made pregnant from rape or other coercion to carry an unwanted child, not only to birth, but for a lifetime. 

Peters continues: “‘Reason’ bans are the logical result of a justification framework that is rooted in the idea that abortion is morally wrong.” 

What is morally wrong is not offering women additional support services beyond birth, like expanding Medicaid and raising the minimum wage. You cannot have it both ways; that is hypocrisy.

-Penney De Pas

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