De Pas: Shocked To Learn My Tax Dollars Going to Anti-Abortion CPCs

What happened to “separation of church and state”? I was shocked to learn that my NC tax dollars are being used to support anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers (“CPCs”) in the House version of the state budget for $9 million. In the Senate version, an anti-abortion group out of state (Texas), run largely by religious volunteers, The Human Coalition, would receive $1.2 million over two years to expand into NC, plus two in-state programs, Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship and Mountain Area Pregnancy Care Center, will receive another $1 million. The sole mission of these CPCs is to eradicate abortion as an option for pregnant women.

These CPCs often provide medical misinformation to their poor, uninsured clients to convince them that abortion is dangerous, when legal abortion is far safer than pregnancy and childbirth. Once that child is born, the same legislators pushing the CPCs refuse to expand Medicaid money to assist those women after birth.

Also, since CPCs are run by religious non-profits without HIPAA privacy protections, they have been sued for privacy breaches. I do not want my NC tax dollars to support these religious organizations providing false information to the public.

-Penney De Pas


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