Capturing Important Current Articles – 9/12/21

Capturing important articles including some on Texas anti-abortion and vigilante law, new report ranking NC as worst state in the US for wages, workers and women.

1. “Oxfam ranks North Carolina as worst state in the U.S. for wages and worker protections,” 9/6/21, News & Observer

“North Carolina ranks so low because it “doesn’t invest in its workers” in these areas, Oxfam US Domestic Program senior researcher Kaitlyn Henderson said.”“It means that if you make the minimum wage, you cannot survive in North Carolina,” Henderson said. “It means that if you’re a woman at work, there are no protections for you to have a baby. If you’re sexually harassed, there’s no protection in North Carolina. There’s very little for all workers but especially women at work, and especially low-wage working women of color.”

NC ranked worst state in US for workers by Oxfam Report

2. Rachel Maddow: Supreme Court precedents offer DOJ lots of options to challenge Texas abortion law

Rachel Maddow talks to American Legal Scholar Laurence Tribe on wrongness of Texas anti-abortion law #SB8 with vigilante interference. Shame on #SCOTUS. Go get them, Merrick Garland. You’re making us proud.

3. Coverage of Asheville NOW protest rally on Sept 6, 2021 in the Asheville local paper. Organizer says 60 people attended.

4. “The pandemic’s new emotion: Vaxenfreude,” 9/7/21, Politico

Ha! Love this new term! The feeling may feel familiar to you. But here is also why you should fight it. Like you should fight Schadenfreude.”To get Merriam-Webster on you for a minute: As you probably know, schadenfreude is a German word for joy at another’s misfortune. Vaxenfreude is a very specific manifestation of that very useful concept. It’s the joy the vaccinated feel when the unvaccinated get Covid-19. We’ve all felt it, even if we’re ashamed about it.”

5. “The Texas Abortion Law Creates a Kind of Bounty Hunter. Here’s How It Works.” 9/10/21, NY Times

“There is little precedent for the provision that deputizes ordinary citizens to enforce an effective ban on abortions — and offers them a financial incentive to do so.”

6. “How a Massachusetts case could end the Texas abortion law,” 9/7/21, Boston Globe
“A legal decision once prevented a church from vetoing a Harvard Square restaurant’s liquor license. Now it could prevent other private parties from wielding government power.”

“A particularly chilling aspect of the Texas law empowers any civilian anywhere to sue Texans who aid in an abortion and to collect a bounty of at least $10,000 if they win in court.”

“To respond to the ban’s violation, Attorney General Merrick Garland should treat bounty hunting under SB-8 as a criminal deprivation of civil rights, leading to possible federal prosecutions under two sections of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. That law was passed to protect the civil rights of previously enslaved Americans who were targeted for extrajudicial violence by white supremacist vigilantes.”


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