Save Roe Women’s Marches Across NC – Oct 2, 2021

Here are links to known Save Roe v. Wade events around NC on October 2, 2021, and other dates. Three were set up in Raleigh, but those were folded into 2 distinct events. We know of one in Durham. Women in Weaverville set one up right away for Oct 2, at least that was the first one I heard about. Looking for details on others, including at least one in Triad area. More on Triangle Save Roe Women’s March events at Many events have registered with the women’s march site at, but not all of them.

Raleigh Rally for Abortion Justice

Some women did their own events right away. There was a “Bans Off Our Bodies” performance protest in Raleigh on September 1, 2021, the day the Supreme Court let this terrible bill become law! Wish I had been there! See the FB event for it at Bans Off Our Bodies – Protest in Solidarity with Texans against SB8 set up by the Triangle Abortion Access Coalition. I hope someone has pictures or a recording they can share. You can see the words and get to people performing it at There was a rally in Asheville on Labor Day, September 6, 2021, and you can watch the Asheville event here.

Raleigh – Oct 2, 2021
We know of 2 in Raleigh. Two events merged to be a Women’s March style event, and they moved to Bicentennial Plaza, across from the Legislative Building in Raleigh. The new working name is the Raleigh Rally for Abortion Justice. The second one is a protest of women and allies with pro-choice signs down Highway 401. More on the latter at Here is the Women’s March style one in Raleigh.

Time: 11am
Place: Bicentennial Plaza, 1 E. Edenton St, Raleigh
Facebook Event:
Description: With the recent events that happened in Texas and the silence from SCOTUS we are taking to the sidewalks to show our support for Roe V Wade. We want to make enough noise here so SCOTUS can see the support for Roe in every state across the country before they make a ruling on the Mississippi ban. The timing is crucial. We need to band together to keep fighting for a Woman’s right to choose, the right to make medical decisions for our bodies without the government placing bans on us.

So grab your cloaks, your bodies, your signs, your voices and others who support a woman’s right to choose.

Charlotte – Fighting For Our Reproductive Rights Rally

Time: 11am-1pm
Place: First Ward Park, Charlotte
Facebook Event:
Description: Come rally with Charlotte Women’s Movement and local organizations to fight for our reproductive rights and stand in solidarity with our sisters in Texas.

Time: 1pm
Place: Lee County Courthouse, 1400 S Horner Blvd, Sanford
Description: We will March starting at the Lee county courthouse towards Sanford city hall going directly through downtown Sanford, meetup will be at 1 at the courthouse we will start marching by 1:30-2.

Weaverville – Time to Save Roe v. Wade (Meet at Clock)
Time: 11am
Place: Weaverville clock on Main Street
More information:
Description: In conjunction with the Women’s March on Saturday, October 2, at 11:00am, we will come together at the Weaverville clock on Main Street with signs (no profanity on signs, please) and red cloaks if you have them (not required). We will walk up and down Main Street and then regroup at the clock.

Wilmington – Wilmington Women’s Rally
Place: Innes Park, Third and Princess, Downtown Wilmington
Facebook event:
Extra action: At EVERY rally WoW! raises awareness and accepts donations for a cause we support. This time it is for a shortage (absence) of women’s panties versus men’s for unsheltered citizens. We will be collecting unused panties at the rally at the WoW! table. We don’t mean to exclude our male allies—but apparently your seats are covered!


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