Rep. Julie von Haefen to Keynote NC NOW Conference

The keynote speaker for North Carolina NOW’s 2021 virtual state conference will be state Representative Julie von Haefen who represents state House District 36 in Wake County. Serving her second term in the legislature, Rep. von Haefen has emerged as a strong advocate for women, education and health care coverage.

Rep. Julie von Haefen

Rep. von Haefen is a major sponsor of House Bill 188, which would remove medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion in North Carolina law. In a press statement on the bill, she noted:
“If someone needs an abortion, North Carolina has fifteen different barriers in place to prevent that person from receiving necessary medical care. These barriers have led to provider shortages and inadequate public health infrastructure. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these issues. The N[orth] C[arolina] [General] A[ssembly] should be expanding access to health care, not restricting it.”
Rep. von Haefen is also a lead sponsor on the bill for North Carolina to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U. S. Constitution (ERA), the North Carolina Momnibus Act, a bill that addresses the Black maternal health crisis, the NC Healthy Pregnancy Act, a bill that would protect pregnant people and new mothers against discrimination on the job, and others.

Before becoming a legislator, Rep. von Haefen worked as an attorney and became a leader in the PTA when her children entered school.

She is a valuable source of information about bills and the legislative process through her Twitter and face-book accounts. She expressed her frustration and described exactly what was happening with the budget process in a tweet:
“The full Republican House budget was released at 5:22 am last night. Here we are at 9 am, expected to vote today. A 600+ page budget written behind closed door can only mean one thing—it represents the priorities of a few & it can’t be good for the majority of NC’ians.

Rep. von Haefen uses social media and also writes op-eds to communicate problems with bills and processes. Her op-ed from 8/31/21 on inappropriateness of taxpayer money going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers is excellent!

The conference itself will be a virtual conference via Zoom to make sure everyone will be safe. It begins in the evening of Friday, October 15 and continues on the morning of Saturday, October 16, from 9 am until 1pm in the after-noon. Find more information and updates on the conference at: Register for the conference using the form on page three of this newsletter or online at

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Rep. von Haefen speak. She is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. You will also have the opportunity to hear other speakers, attend virtual panel discussions on important issues we are facing here in N. C. and learn how you can take action and make your voice heard.


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