Wrongness of CPCs in State Budget – LTEs and Op-Eds

Raleigh NOW did an action at their August meeting to write LTEs on inappropriateness of taxpayer money going to crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are also known as anti-abortion clinics and fake clinics. Some of these were written when the Senate’s state budget was available, allocating $4 million to CPCs and anti-abortion organizations. Later, it came out that the NC House was allocating $9 million to CPCs and anti-abortion organizations!! Both should be allocating NOTHING.

“De Pas: Shocked To Learn My Tax Dollars Going to Anti-Abortion CPCs,” 8/2021, https://wp.me/p22b2e-3tb.

“Maddox: State Budget Gifts CPCs and Starves Public Education,” 8/2021, https://wp.me/p22b2e-3t5.

NC NOW captured “Richards: Funding for CPCs should be removed from the budget,” 8/31/21, https://wp.me/p22b2e-3sj, but first it ran in the News & Observer on 8/27/21 at https://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article253703833.html.

Rep. Julie von Haefen wrote an op-ed posted 8/31/21 on inappropriateness of taxpayer money going to crisis pregnancy centers. Excellent!

The Senate state budget as written is allocating millions to anti-abortion organizations like Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and CPC umbrella organizations. The House state budget came out afterward, allocating even more money to CPCs. See the NC NOW Legislative Update from 8/9/21, to learn about the terrible process the House leadership is imposing mostly on their Democratic peers. Representative Julie von Haefen explained how it the review process began in a powerful facebook post, which the NC NOW Legislative Update captured.

Read about how much taxpayer money is being allocated for CPCs in the NC Senate budget in Anna Lynch’s article from 7/22/21, “A Religious Hegemony is Quietly Taking Over Women’s Reproductive Health Care,” which she calls “a guide to understanding the deception of crisis pregnancy centers.” Many NOW members already know about CPCs, as we’ve been talking about them for years years and years. But you may not realize the 2021-2022 state budget is allocating taxpayer money yet again to them – since mainstream media isn’t covering this as far as Dr. Google and I can see.

It’s up to women and allies to get this issue covered – write your representatives that you don’t want your taxpayer money going to these, and write letters to the editors (LTEs) and op-eds on why this allocation is completely inappropriate.  

Two years ago, they tried to allocate millions to CPCs in the state budget (which didn’t pass). Read some of the LTEs in this list. And get motivated to write your own letters and LTEs! Don’t assume others are taking care of it. Please tell me if you write something and also if it gets published – I would love to preserve it on the NC NOW website. Articles and newspapers go away sometimes.

This article with NC Policy Watch from 2019 talks about how budget talks stalled in 2019 which also had increased funding for CPCs. It says,
“Crisis pregnancy centers regularly mislead women about their pregnancies with the ultimate aim of dissuading them from getting abortions, and a recent investigation from Rewire.News shows that they have been misleading the state, as well.”

“State budget includes money for crisis pregnancy centers despite previous misuse of funding,” 7/24/2019, http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2019/07/24/state-budget-includes-money-for-crisis-pregnancy-centers-despite-previous-misuse-of-funding/

In 2018, Read “Report: NCDHHS looking into use of public funds by “crisis pregnancy centers” to proselytize,” 5/1/2018, http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2018/05/01/report-ncdhhs-looking-into-use-of-public-funds-by-crisis-pregnancy-centers-to-proselytize/ which talks about Rewire’s story, “Anti-Choice Centers in North Carolina Use Federal Funds to Buy Programs Crafted to ‘Share Christ’.”

See some LTEs written by NOW members in 2019 at “LTEs and Op-Eds on Taxpayer Money Paying for Anti-Abortion Work,” 5/2019, https://wp.me/p22b2e-2eV.

Professor Gene Nichol wrote “Funding NC crisis pregnancy centers is government sponsored religion” 7/1/2019 – so they don’t deserve any taxpayer money.

Shortlink: https://wp.me/p22b2e-3wa

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