Action: Still time to tell your reps to uphold Governor’s veto of HB453

See “The Governor Was Right To Veto Dangerous NC Anti-Abortion Bill
There is still time to write your representative and/or write your newspaper. The N.C. legislature is expected to call up a vote on whether to override or uphold Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of House Bill 453. This bill is what is commonly known as a “reason” ban, which means it forces pregnant women to defend and explain why they want an abortion .

So write your representatives to uphold the veto if you haven’t already. Go ahead and write your representatives in the NC House and the NC Senate.

According to the article, “HB453 hardly seeks to shore up reproductive authority or respect the moral agency of women as capable decision-makers. Rather, proponents seek to exploit the emotional legacy of eugenics in an attempt to stigmatize women who have abortions and bully opponents into falling in line with the bill.”

Read whole article here, written by a professor of religious studies at Elon University. See easy message to write your representative, below.

Here are more articles on wrongness of abortion bans, including an LTE that was submitted by Penney De Pas.

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