Women’s Rights and Abortion Rights Signs

Here is a more comprehensive list of women’s rights and abortion rights sign ideas that can be used for women’s marches, rallies and protests. Women aren’t messing around. These are available to inspire the artist within you for the Save Roe and Abortion Justice protests around North Carolina and the country on Oct 2, but will work for many women’s rights events. This list is from Saige B. Smith, who provided some beautiful examples as well!

Artist: Saige B. Smith

-If you take away my birth control, I’ll just make more feminists
-Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act!
-Not going back (coathanger image here)
-We’re not ovary-acting ! / Don’t make us ovary-act!
-What laws regulate men’s bodies?
-Stop the war on women
-Mandatory vasectomies! C’mon guys let’s save lives!
-Don’t like abortions? Don’t get one
-I am/We are more than my/our uterus
-If men got pregnant abortions would be free
-If men got pregnant we wouldn’t be having this conversation
-Men of quality do not fear equality
-Woman’s rights are human rights
-I am a woman. Not a womb-Forced birth/Pregnancy is a crime against humanity
-We will be less activist when you’ll be less shitty
-Thank god the 675,000 dead from Covid aren’t embryos, the republicans would be pissed.
-Abortion is a human right
-“Embryos are babies” if you saw one in the wild you’d scream and spray it with raid -This shit in Texas is exactly why we panicked when RGB left
-I’m with her (arrows around the words)
-When did MY abortion effect YOU?
-My rights don’t end where your feelings begin
-Pass the equal rights amendment!
-Girls just wanna have FUNdamental human rights

-1964 is calling..don’t answer
-Keep your rosaries off my ovaries
-If you’re not livid then you’re not listening
-We can’t have equal rights without women’s rights
-No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body
-If the baby is black/gay/trans/poor/an immigrant, will you protect its rights then?
-WOC tried to warn us, now we must fight back
-1973; Protect Roe v Wade
-End the stigma-Stronger together; Equal rights for all
-I understand a mask can be uncomfortable but so can pregnancy/child birth & the GOP doesn’t seem to have a problem forcing women to do that
-Vasectomies prevent abortions
-Pro-choice (adj.) the radical notion that women are people and can make decisions about their own bodies
-My body, my choice, my voice
-I am no longer accepting things I cannot change. I am changing things I can no longer accept -Angela Davis
-Vulva La Revolution

-Public Cervix Announcement: Keep your laws off our bodies
-When abortion is outlawed a corpse has more rights than a living breathing woman
-Abortion is 14x safer than giving birth
-We shouldn’t have to be here
-Don’t let a virus have more reproductive rights than women
-GOP: we can’t pass laws making it harder to get guns. there won’t be fewer guns, people will just find a way to get them illegally
Also GOP: if we ban abortion there will be fewer abortions
-Same shit, different century
-Protect the rights of: black, indigenous, immigrant, poor, ALL women
-If you’re “prolife” why don’t you advocate for universal healthcare, affordable housing, reforming law enforcement, ending the death penalty etc?
-I’m the pro-choice feminist they warned you about
-End the Hyde Amendment! It drastically effects WOC & low income women!
-If I wanted the government in my uterus, I’d screw a congressman
-Boys will be boys (mark out boys) held accountable/decent people/educated better
-Pro choice or no choice
-This episode of the handmaids tale sucked
-My arms are tired from holding this sign since the 1960s

Saige B. Smith painting in workspace Photo Credit: Saige B. Smith

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Shortlink: https://wp.me/p22b2e-3yd

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