Upcoming in Raleigh and Online Oct 19-23, 2021

This post includes 5 upcoming events this week – the Raleigh NOW October Meeting on Oct 19, Rally and letter delivery at Legislative Building on Oct 20, Affordable Housing meeting on Oct 21, ERA-NC Alliance Annual Meeting on Oct 23, and Politica NC Census Slam event on Oct 23. Many of these events are virtual, so attend from home or wherever you are!

1. Raleigh NOW meeting on Tuesday, Oct 19, at 7pm.

Join us. We’ll talk about Texas law, Supreme Court, Women’s Marches around NC and around the country, NC NOW’s state conference and event on Oct 20, and upcoming events in Raleigh. See resolution calling out Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson approved at the conference. Also 2022 pro-choice signature ad.

Handmaids a popular theme. Raleigh Rally for Abortion Justice, 10/2/21. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87259461728
Find Raleigh NOW October Meeting Agenda here.

2. Wednesday, Oct 20, noon – rally and letter delivery to legislators in NCGA

Some of the women’s marches had people write notes on hangers at their women’s marches on Oct 2. The Charlotte Women’s Movement group came up with the idea and shared it around. Women Organizing for Wilmington did some at their event. Raleigh NOW did some at the Raleigh event. Other women’s marches did also.

A group from Charlotte and I believe a group from Wilmington are driving to Raleigh on Oct 20 so we can rally with the hangers, and deliver a letter to all of the legislators in the NC House and NC Senate. We are meeting on the lawn in front of the Legislative Building at 16 W. Jones St at 11:45am.

We also want to deliver a letter demanding legislators support Roe v. Wade to all of our legislators. 

3. Thursday, Oct 21, 6:30pm – Support Affordable Housing with One Wake

ONE Wake will be hosting two VIRTUAL public assemblies with decision makers to show that voters support these issues:
·         Oct. 21 Raleigh City Council & Wake County Commission members at 6:30pm, REGISTER HERE
·         Nov. 11 Cary Town Council at 7:00pm, REGISTER HERE

The purpose is to win commitments to support specific solutions developed by ONE Wake to address our issues below. Please use the links above to register for these events.

The focus is on AFFORDABLE HOUSING in Wake County:
Raleigh – Create a new property tax relief program to prevent rising property taxes from displacing low income homeowners (learn more here)

Cary – Prioritize the budget so that a penny of the Town’s tax rate goes toward creating and preserving affordable housing (learn more here);

Learn more by reading these articles in the News and Observer, Soaring NC housing prices erase Black neighborhoods Teardown Street.

(From Randee Gordon)

4. Saturday, October 23, 10am-noon – ERA-NC Alliance Annual meeting

Alice Paul Institute’s Allison Titman is keynote speaker at 10am.
You can register here. Virtual and free, but donations welcome.

5. Saturday, October 23, 10am-noon – Census Slam! with Politica NC

Join PoliticaNC this Saturday morning to learn about the Census and how it will impact the future in North Carolina. Experts will address key aspects of the Census and redistricting. Virtual and free.

Click here to register!

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