Press Release: NC NOW calls on Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson to Resign


·        Gailya Paliga, President, NC National Organization for Women,

·        Roberta Waddle, Board Member, NC National Organization for Women,

Raleigh, NC, November 30, 2021 – North Carolina National Organization for Women (NC NOW) joins the chorus calling for the resignation of North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson to resign since he is unable to respectfully represent all North Carolinians. Lt. Governor Mark Robinson has been called out for remarks he made regarding the LGBTQIA community in June, when he referred to homosexuality and transgenderism as “filth”. Robinson made similar comments on September 30 at another event, and he added new offensive comments at a church in Winston-Salem on November 14.  NC NOW adopted a resolution denouncing Robinson’s remarks at their recent state conference. Many groups and individuals have marched and rallied and gone from trying to reason with Lt. Gov. Robinson, to asking him to apologize, to telling him to resign. There will be another protest at the Lt. Governor’s Office at 310 N Blount St, in Raleigh this Friday, Dec 3, at 4:30pm.

NC NOW supports the dignity and rights of everybody, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. We believe that everybody deserves respect and support. The Lt. Governor’s remarks are ignorant and hurtful to members of the LGBTQIA  community, family, supporters and friends. In addition, his comments are discriminatory, inflammatory and potentially dangerous. 

Lt. Governor Robinson is actively working to shame and ostracize LGBTQIA students. Our schools need to be places where all students are protected and supported. However, Robinson’s comments are in no way limited to books and schools as he sometimes claims. He is making them at churches and conservative events around the state, where he is billed as North Carolina’s Lt. Governor. Meanwhile, his claims are getting more offensive and outrageous. At a church in Winston-Salem on Nov 14, he “made clear that he believes homosexuals are inferior to heterosexuals, saying they serve no purpose.

We expect our elected officials to represent everybody. Lt. Governor Robinson’s remarks have shown that he cannot respect all of his constituents.  These discriminatory attitudes from an elected official, especially from the second highest officer in the state, underscore the need for comprehensive nondiscrimination protections in North Carolina. We call on Lt. Governor Robinson to resign his position since he is unable to respectfully represent all North Carolinians. 




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